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It is a little funny and ironic that the [[|most commented post]] on my blog (205 comments and counting) doesn’t have a single comment from me! I always wanted to respond to the comments, but somehow that discussion thread took on a life of its own, and went on without any support from me. Several of the commenters took a very active role, leading and moderating the discussion and answering other comments. And very soon the number of comments grew beyond my capacity to go through and answer individually in one or even a few sittings. So I kept on delaying it, and here we are 205 comments later and still not a single response from me.

I figured it was time to take a look back at that post. And instead of responding with more comments, I thought I would make another post. So here goes.

* That post also happens to be the most popular content on my web site (which is kind of unfortunate, since it is neither an area I’m an expert on or very interested in). It is the most searched content on my web site, and also the most popular landing page (that is, majority of the new visitors to my web site seem to reach here through that post). My WordPress stats show a pretty regular access rate (about 100-150 views daily) over the past 6 months. However, Google Analytics shows a dramatic increase in the number of views in the past month or so. I’m not quite sure why that is — probably the recent increase in commenting activity. Stats before that are a little less reliable, so I’m not mentioning them here.
* For the longest time, that post had Quixtar spelt wrong (it was “Quickstar” for more than a year, then it was “Quixstar” for a few months). No one is to blame but me. But what is surprising is that the post still got so many visitors despite the wrong spelling. Note that the permalink for that post still has the wrong spelling.
* The most frequent search terms were bww, online business, quixstar, and amway
* The comments on that post were going a little out of hand. Since I don’t have the time or interest to handle the comments, I encourage readers to take the discussion elsewhere. I have now disabled any further comments on that post.
* Clearly, there is a LOT of interest in the whole Quixtar business, both positive and negative.

I have a lot more to say on the actual contents of the comments, and all the different commenters but I’ll save that for another post. Stay tuned!

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  1. Joecool18

    Thanks for the post. I think the issue is twofold. You have quixtar the corporation and then you have the organizations such as BWW who sells the books and seminars.

    It’s these organizations that apparently teach their IBOs a lot of junk. For example, IBOs often speak about residual income, yet nowhere is that mentioned in the Quixtar sales and marketing plan.

    ANother one is how IBOs will deny that Quixtar = Amway. Amway North America became Quixtar. The products and marketing plan is the same, and the Amway IBOs became Quixtar IBOs. Irony is that quixtar will be changing their name back to Amway soon!

    I think many people mistake the two entities, thus when someone is criticizing BWW for example, IBOs take it as criticism against the Corporation.

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