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[[http://ngopost.org|NGO Post]] is the latest [[http://udai.org|Udai]] venture. Since [[http://ngupta.com|Phantom]] and [[http://ieng9.ucsd.edu/~pagupta/|Parul]] have put together [[http://ngopost.org/faq-en.php|excellent documentation]], I’ll just steal it from the website:

NGO Post is the people’s platform for sharing and discussing various social welfare initiatives. You contribute to NGO Post by sharing new insightful stories, highlighting the best ones from all submissions, and sharing your ideas in follow-up discussions. And, NGO Post helps you in keeping up to date with the latest developments, finding quality information about topics of your interest and establish collaborations with other knowledgeable people around the globe.

This is the place to read about what people are doing to make a difference to the world around them, to get inspired, to discuss ideas and even connect with people who feel about and want to contribute to certain causes. NGO Post is bridging the gap between social work and technology: allowing anyone to contribute their input in developmental work using internet.

NGO Post is all about mass journalism. We believe the user, that is you, is the best reporter. And the best filter for separating good content from the bad. So whether you are an NGO, a social worker, a social entrepreneur or simply someone interested in learning about existing problems and ongoing social work, NGO Post is for you.

So if you come across any inspiring/interesting stories involving NGOs in India or elsewhere, please do share. And spread the word!!


  1. Nitin Gupta

    Thanks Diwaker! I’d like to add that while Digg is primarily being used as a news site, we are trying to use NGOPost to promote discussions and actions, rather than just as a news and bookmarking site.
    Please give a link to Parul too!

  2. duncan

    bridging the ‘digital divide’in africa is my work. DIT solutions is based in rural africa bringing technology to the door step of rural africans to improve lifestyle and reduce poverty. i would be glad to meet friends in this field and support will appreciated. thank you

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