“Happy” Birthday

I’m really not a big birthday person. I think what irritates me most is this notion of a birthday “treat”. Its much less pronounced here in the US, but back in India (both in school and at IITK), people expected you to feed them on your birthday as if its their birth right. I mean really, the only people I //may// actually want to treat are people who are genuinely glad that I exist, that I’m a part of their life that they cherish.

Anywho, it just so happens that particular birthday is a little different. You see, a lot has happened in the past year — in my personal as well as my professional life (I was going to write //student//, but well :D ). And even more importantly, I think some even bigger things will happen in this coming year, so its definitely something that I’m eagerly looking forward to. And to all the people who think //know// they belong to the group I mentioned earlier, I just want to say **thank you**.



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