1. Diwaker Gupta

    *@nikux*: of course. Even Yahoo has launched maps specifically for India: http://in.maps.yahoo.com/ I read somewhere that Yahoo India maps is being powered by mapmyindia or some similar kind of arrangement but I can’t seem to find a reference for it right now. You know would be awesome? A community driven project where people with blackberrys and other portable GPS devices can just go around collecting data points about theaters, hotels, hospitals and so on and uploading them to a central repository. Right now the GIS data is pretty sparse.

  2. Piyush Gupta

    However if you closely see your requirement and the solution to your routes problem, you will identify the fundamental difference between routeguru’s and MapmyIndia/Yahoo Maps/Google Maps offering.

  3. shiva

    I was going through route guru and mapmyindia, they both have landmark based driving directions. Also Yahoo is powered by Mapmyindia

    MapmyIndia has relaunched the portal, it has become quite awesome, check it out.

  4. Diwaker Gupta

    *@shiva*: indeed, thanks for the update! I myself earlier noted that Yahoo is being powered by Mapmyindia. However, I think Mapmyindia’s interface has become much more cluttered than earlier, and I still didn’t find the directions as landmark oriented as RouteGurus. Can you give me a specific example you tried?

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