New take on IPv6 deployment

Here’s a creative [[|new way to deploy IPv6]]:

We’re taking 10 gigabytes of the most popular “adult entertainment” videos from one of the largest subscription websites on the internet, and giving away access to anyone who can connect to it via IPv6. No advertising, no subscriptions, no registration. If you access the site via IPv4, you get a primer on IPv6, instructions on how to set up IPv6 through your ISP, a list of ISPs that support IPv6 natively, and a discussion forum to share tips and troubleshooting. If you access the site via IPv6 you get instant access to “the goods”.

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  1. kiran

    ha ha – the scheme sounds like fun, if only to see how many of those interested in deploying IPV6 are also interested in the ‘goods’. :D :D nice one!

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