RTM has the best Christmas gift!

I use [[http://calendar.google.com|Google Calendar]] to manage my day, and [[http://rememberthemilk.com|Remember the Milk]] (henceforth RTM) to manage my todo list(s). Google calendar has effectively killed off all competition (like [[http://30boxes.com|30 Boxes]]), and its really becoming a joy to use as they improve integration with GMail and other services. Meanwhile RTM is probably the only other web app that I use on a daily basis — its fast, I //love// the keyboard shortcuts, the notifications work great and it basically stays out of my way. The only problem was having to use two different tools (Google and RTM) for such closely related tasks (calendar and todo lists).

So yesterday when I read about the [[http://blog.rememberthemilk.com/2006/11/add-your-tasks-to-google-calendar.html|new RTM integration with Google calendar]], I was elated! Take a look at the screenshots, this is wickedly cool. This was definitely one of my happiest moments over Christmas, so thanks a ton to the RTM team. And if you’re about to suggest that I use the so-called TODO list provided by Google Calendar or one of the Google widgets, forget about it. They don’t even come close to RTM in terms of ease of use or functionality. And with this integration, they’ve just nailed it.

Here’s an overview of the features (from the post linked above):

* Review your tasks for the day
* Add new tasks and edit existing ones
* Easily complete and postpone tasks
* Review your overdue tasks
* Optionally show tasks with no due date
* See where your tasks are located on a map

Happy holidays!


  1. Josephine Parton

    Hello, I have been using 30boxes for some time until I searched Google for 30 boxes add-ons and found your blog. I have now switched to Google Calander and use the remember the milk widget jobbie. Thanks for pushing me in the right direction. Jo.

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