Double talk time on Reliance!

I’ve written at length about Airtel’s [[|Call Home]] service [[|here]] and [[|here]]. I’m really happy to see that Reliance has responded quickly by slashing its rates to 7.9 c/min. And I just got an email from Reliance India Call announcing their own **double talk time** offer. The offer is valid from 21st December 2006 18:00 hrs IST upto 31st January 2007 23:59 hrs IST, and valid for new registrations upto 15th January 2007 23:59 hrs IST.

Whatever small incentive I had for still using Airtel has just gone down the drain. And despite Reliance’s deftly worded email, its obvious that this offer is in direct competition/response to Airtel’s double talk time promotion offer. But hey, what do I have to complain, I’m loving this new price war! In fact, I’m also giving myself a pat on the back for feeling that I’ve paid my little part in the course of events by trying to raise awareness about these services on this blog :-D Tata’s Reliable Calling, as before, remains my backup service, atleast until they give me a toll-free number to call on.


  1. rajani

    The customer service is worse as well as I booked the reliance calling card after hearing that they give double talktime, but they didn’t give like that. When I contacted the customer service they said that we can give only for $5. I think they have cheated so many like this. Don’t believe them.

  2. Greedy_Ambani

    Reliance cheated on everyone ! They said double talk time and mailed everyone on 22nd Dec. I recharged on 27th Dec for 200$ and found that I got credited with only 18$. When I called up the CS, they said the terms and conditions had been changed on 23rd Dec, and now double recharges were being offered on for 5$.

    I guess they just wanted to get some cheap publicity. Bunch of greedy cheats !

  3. Sam

    I really think that Reliance has taken advantage and misleading consumers. They have been sending emails and still advertising the double talk time until Jan 31, 2007 but they are not really giving the double talk time.

    I called them and they say read the Terms and Conditions and they did not say in the Ad or emails that they can change their offer. I asked operator for a Supervisor or Manager, after holding for 5 minutes, they hang up.

    But, I think that Airtel services has improved a lot. I do not get the busy signal anymore.

  4. Jacob

    I agree with SAM. Reliance was doing a great publicity stunt as it is their habit from the beggining. If anyone remember what they did when they launched their mobile service in India? same cheating with millions of people. they were also cheating their customer with their monopoly in US with doble charges all these years and now after airtel comes into business, they all of a sudden slashed the rate. uh!!! damn cheats!

  5. Ganpat

    Hello friends, I am also a victim of Reliance’s devious plans. I have opened a separate blog called reliancemobilevictims and aired my views. A serious search of the web has landed me in this page of Shri Diwaker Gupta, wherein you have all posted your bad experiences with reliance. If you find some time please visit my blog to know the full details of how I was duped. Let it be our endeavour to prevent others from getting cheated by the greedy Ambani and his publicity stunts.

  6. DJ

    Hi all. My husband and I were looking for a good service that could enable calls to India at cheaper rates. We were thinking about Reliance. Their get double talk time offer sounded very attractive. But getting to know about your experiences I don’t think we are going ahead with it. Seems Reliance isn’t that reliable after all. Thank you everyone.

  7. prabh

    reliance made the offer of rang de offer.In that they advertize that double talk time with every recharge, but they give nothing they said valid only for 1st recharge.Robber’s.

  8. Roshni Chopra

    Airtel should stop providing Airtel Call Home Service because at airtel

    •Website Does’nt Work
    •Customer Care Does’nt work
    •E-mails Does’nt work
    •Registration Does’nt work
    •Recharge Does’nt work
    •TOLL Free Does’nt work

    So, I think even they should stop working. Let their be space for some one good service provider who understans customer nees better ie. Reliance India Call which are far far better. Reliance gives some better offers and they keep their Promise.

  9. varun Munjal


    Experience with Airtel Callhome has been indeed very painful. firstly their site doesnt work if it bychance shows a glimpse of their homepage…..the other links on it doesnt work…..they are big cheaters. I belive they are FRAUD!!

    Now they announced their Summer Shower scheme to give Some extra talktime….bt it is not so….their website is down from last 3 days & I personally have been facing difficulty to make calls….they have very poor Quality & service and is totally Unsatisfactory.

    I Plan to quit Airtel and will find better option. My frns who have been using Reliance says a lot about the Voice Clarity & amazing Customer support services……SO good bye Airtel…..foreverrrrrr!!

  10. Anurag

    Login into the

    Use Pramotion code:- 149700

    Loged in today and get the benifit….. get double talk value……enroll 10$ value get 20$ talk value……WOW what a offer…..

    very good sound quality, you will never be regret….. after enrolling it….. so go and get it….all number are toll free number you can enroll as many number ion this….

  11. Diwaker Gupta

    *@anurag*: Thanks, I’ll check it out. The rates are almost the same as Reliance, but the SmartDial features looks really interesting. The website itself is not that impressive.

  12. anu

    Using Calling card/other service for ISD((INDIA/UK/CANADA/USA) calling???? and not getting any extra(double) talk time…. try this…

    Login into the

    Use Pramotion code:- 149700

    Loged in today and get the benifit….. get double talk value……enroll 20$ value get 40$ talk value……WOW what a offer…..
    very good sound quality, you will never be regret….. after enrolling it….. so go and get it….all number are toll free number you can enroll as many number in this….

  13. satish palkar

    if you ask me ,reliance calling card is the best one around.have been using it for one year now and i get good voice quality,fast connections,and virtually zero call drops.i learnt that they slashed their effective calling rates this festive season to about 5.9 cents/min and are also giving away 120 mins free talktime to all their customers.Makes sense to go for it.

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