Airtel Call Home

This is for all you desis who have been using Reliance India Call to call India. So far the space has been largely monopolized by Reliance (since the demise of Bigzoo). The call quality is good, but the rates are just about OK. I’d been waiting a long time to see some competition, which is always good for end users. Airtel just launched Airtel Call Home.

Check out the rates — its only 8c per min!! (vs. Reliance’s 12-18c per min). Not only that, they have an introductory promotion where you get double the talk time on your account creation and your first recharge before Jan 31st. I must say that their website and customer service are pathetic though. The website barely works — 75% of the functionality is broken. And so far I haven’t managed to get to Customer Service (80% of the time I couldn’t get the number, the remaining times when I did get through, I was put on hold for about 30min each time with no response). But still, its a good start and hopefully both Airtel and Reliance will be pressurized to improve their offerings.


  1. Sandesh

    Hi Diwaker,

    I too was excited about this initially. But all this turned into frustration in no time. See my blog post to read my rant about the whole issue..
    Anyway best of luck with Airtel


  2. Diwaker Gupta

    *@sandesh*: Thanks, I looked at your post and infact I have pretty much all the same concerns. But I still believe that this situation is better than having no competition at all. And also that we can do our part by spreading awareness about their problems and hopefully getting Airtel to listen to customer woes.

  3. Vivek Sharma

    Forget competition, Airtel CallHome is nowhere near to Reliance.

    With Reliance:
    -100 out of 100 attempts made using Reliance are successful.
    -Excellent customer service
    -Never charged my credit card with a wrong amount (in last 3 years)
    -Highly reliable considering all the aspects

    And with Airtel CallHome:
    -Most of the time I am not able to get thru their toll free number itself.
    -By any luck if the toll free number gets thru than on dialing the destination number it gives some weird error.
    -PIN-Less dialing does not work
    -Not able to register certain US numbers at all.
    -I have never been able to talk to their customer care agent due to hours of waiting time
    -I bought credit worth $ 100 and they charged my credit card with $ 300.
    -I have already written number of emails to them but have received no answer till now.
    -They have the slowest web-site in the world.
    -It does not have a postpaid service

    BEWARE. Airtel is a FRAUD. I am going to call my credit card company and dishonour the charges.


  4. Seshadri

    Great company!!
    Great rates !!!
    As long as the service exists (which is about 2% of the time).

    Call toll-free number on weekends. If successful on the first 25 tries, you are the luckiest living being this side of the milky way.

    Call customer support between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM. If successful on the first 300 tries, you have already attained nirvana.

    Access the website and try to add registered numbers. If successful….


  5. prashant

    Airtel…Most pathetic website ever seen and their toll free numbers never seem to be free to call.Why can’t they provide 3-4 more toll free numbers to call.Also there is problem of dropped calls in Airtel.And yes,as one has written above…you cannot register your number ever.

    Anyways,if someone doesn’t know…TATA has also started India calling service at 7.5cents/min rate.The call quality is excellant and also the speed of their website

  6. Diwaker Gupta

    *@prashant*: Thanks man, I didn’t know about I just tried them out and they seem to work great! I now have accounts on all three services and will try to regularly put them to test over the next 2 months. At this point it seems clear that Airtel is certainly not the winner. I’m surprised now many people in this area had heard of reliablecalling — I’ll certainly spread the word.

  7. Moni

    I wish I had seen this thread before I subscribed to Airtel today. It totally sucks and is nowhere close to Reliance in any respect. Let me qualify this:
    1. I have been using Reliance ever since they started the service. I use it to call India from home as well as my mobile phone (as well as my wife’s mobile). We call a lot…about 100-150$ per month.
    We almost never have any problem calling. We have programmed all the India numbers in all our phones to call directly, i.e. Reliance access no, followed by a couple of pauses, followed by India number. And they work without any problem with very clear connections.
    2. Their web site has never given me any cause to complain either.

    Enter Airtel. Having heard about their low rates and promotion, I signed up today. I should have known that you get what you pay for.
    1. During registration, number registration failed. Tried to do so more than a dozen times via a very very slow site with no success.
    2. Have called the customer service no. more than 20 times in the last few hours. Keep getting a busy signal.
    3. Have similarly tried calling the access number more than 20 times in the past 3 hours. Keep getting “all circuits are busy” message.

    I hate to say this but as long as this level of service is being provided, Airtel is no match and we will have to use Reliance even though their prices are higher (at least you get to make a call rather than lose all your money on Airtel without getting to make a call at all).

    Sorry to vent but I do hope others will read this and think twice before trying Airtel out unless they offer significantly better service. I for one just hope to be somehow able to make calls to cover my initial $50 purchase and then I’m back to Reliance.

  8. Atanu

    One of the problems with ReliableCalling is that it does not seem to have a toll free number!
    If you are outside the calling area provided in the web site (connecting numbers are mostly east coast area numbers), you are paying for long distance!
    Keep that in mind!

  9. Amit Yadav

    I think Moni is completely wrong on his evaluation of Airtel CallHome service. I have become a User of this service last week and had no problems registering or using my Credit Card. In fact I found the Voice Quality to be much better than that of Reliance which I used earlier. I plan to stick to the Airtel Service.

  10. Diwaker Gupta

    *@shashikant*: Reliance slashed its rates today as well. So now all the big 3 players (Reliance, Tata, Airtel) are in the 7.5-8 c/min bracket. Sure its a volume game, but I think capturing the market share (and more importantly) mind share is crucial since it can lead to other indirect revenue streams back in India.

    *@infinity*: Thanks for that pointer! It sure looks like a lot of people are really pissed at Airtel.

    *@vivek*: I feel your pain brother. Though I should point out that PIN-less dialing does in fact work. I usually have little trouble getting through the toll free number (for calling). But yes, so far I’ve been unable to reach customer service and none of my mails have been responded to. They should at least setup an auto-reply for the emails. Right now it feels like I’m trying to communicate with a wall.

    *@seshadri*: hehe :)

  11. Diwaker Gupta

    *@moni*: Thanks for sharing your experience, its absolutely critical that people are aware of what they are getting into with Airtel. Meanwhile now that Reliance has slashed their rates by half, there’s really not much incentive left to use Airtel anyways.

    *@atanu*: True, they don’t. But my cell phone plan has unlimited nights and weekends and I’ve got plenty of roll over minutes as well. So as long as the service works (which so far it has), I don’t really mind. Right now I’ve kept reliable calling as my backup service. I first try Airtel, then Reliance and then finally Tata :)

    *@amit*: Good for you! But the evidence so far overwhelmingly suggests that Moni is not alone. As for voice quality, I’d just say that they are comparable, I have no way of quantitatively asserting one is better than the other.

  12. Jacob

    [quote comment="2419"]*@prashant*: Thanks man, I didn’t know about I just tried them out and they seem to work great! I now have accounts on all three services and will try to regularly put them to test over the next 2 months. At this point it seems clear that Airtel is certainly not the winner. I’m surprised now many people in this area had heard of reliablecalling — I’ll certainly spread the word.[/quote]

    Well, I have been looking for information on and found that it is not a TATA compnay. It is simply using TATA/VSNL network to route calls to/in india. So, it seems to be someone like to play with TATA’s name to their own gains. Second, to get this 6.9 cents rates, you should have long distance calling feature on your phone if you are outside their acceess number area. Thus, making this 6.9c clain null unless you have long distance calling feature already available on your phone.

    Trying a company is a good idea, but do fall into their false claims like this one.

  13. Airtel Customer

    Pathetic Pathetic!!! Don’t go with Airtel. They are the best in customer service in Indian Market. Its quite opposite here with thier AirtelCallHome. They dont respond to phone calls/emails. Their customer care no is always busy. Pathetic website fully broken and too slow. They would have used some trainees to develop thier website. No issues with reliance. Had been using it for more than an year. They have also slashed thier prices. More important I heard they are have double talk time offer running which is not advertised.

  14. Kirit

    When I tried to sign up Reliablecalling India, they will not accept unless I accept their conditions and I could not find conditions anywhere. It tells you how relible they are. I am not comfortable with the company who wants me to accept their conditions without reading them.

  15. Lohith

    I too had some problems with the registation number. But it does not matter. I could register my cell number but its just not showing up properly on the web page. Yes the website is a bit slow. They could have tested the load before. But dudes, they just introduced their service. And i am sure they got lot many customers than they expected. Although it has bad customer service and bery busy network during weekends for now,it will definitley improve these small problems. The voice quality is too good. Its good when u compare both the price and the quality. What we want is to talk! I had no problems with credit card charging. But its sure that if it donot improve its defects, it cannot sustain for long as reliance too slashed its prices.

  16. Prakash

    Airtel is the worst service that I have ever used in my life.
    1. The website is a piece of crap…Most of the time, It doesnt let me in if I use the user id and password. (Eventhough they are right)

    2. Its been 2 weeks that I am trying to add my phone number to the registerd number list and it just fails every damn time.

    3. I can never ever get to the customer service in a million years..What the f***?

    It doesn’t make sense to show shahrukh khan in their commercials and give a junk service…look elsewhere folks..

  17. Jacob

    I have been using Airtel for couple of weeks now. I fully agree with the current Airtel custmers concern over here. However, if anyone remember how it was when Reliance India Call service started… it was worst than Airtel. However, over a period of time they have improved much better.

    Anyhow, I have noticed that the Airtel service is getting improved recently.

    - No more busy tone when you dial access number.
    - Customer care number get connected easily compare to the 24×7 busy tone earlier. Though still you have to wait atleast 20 minutes for a CCE to get on phone.
    - Their website functions getting improved. Call history started to show up w.e.f 12/27/06. Though no call history available prior to that date.

    I think we should give them few more weeks to tweak their service. However, I am using Reliance and Airtel both now as it doesnt have any difference in calling charge. Well we should be thankful to Airtel anyways, as since they entered into US market, Reliance FORCED end their monopoly, which is good for all of us! So instead of all cure, give some credit to Airtel folks! ;)

  18. Tunna




    You would have hoped that Airtel would have done some groundwork, beta testing etc. before going live and falling flat on their face for the first few days.

    But they are correcting their initial mistakes.

    It takes a while to get through to the customer service.. but once you are through.. the reps assist you very well.


    Good luck!

  19. mandeep

    I signed up with Airtel last week for $5 of talk time. Not only did they charge me $5/- they also charge dme $50/- for no reason. The only good thing about their customer service number is the A.R.Rehman tune. There are no people on the other side. The website is a big disappointment. It looks good but takes years to load. Registering numbers is impossible. I have been using reliance for the last 2 years & i never came across anything so fundamental & silly.

    Beware everyone …the new airtel calling card is a [quote post="779"]nusiance[/quote]
    & big [quote post="779"]fraud[/quote]
    on honest people.


  20. Chinnu

    You can Trust Airtel 200% . Let us be thankful to Airtel which brought down the call rates . Sure, its customer service will be improved in coming days..

  21. Kavita

    Hi All

    I am using Airtel from previous one week. it is true that you have to dail atleat 3 4 four time and then you will get the no and also it is nor pin less and you have to remember your four digit no , but now serive is improving . It is best deal now as you are getting a double talk time .
    It is good that now reliance has some comptition and they slash the rate also otherwise we have to pay 13.9 cent.


  22. David

    Obviously Airtel jumped into this market without much preparations. However, the rate is extremely good. Reliance is making an attempt not to lose customers by giving a similar but inferior promo, but Airtel is their worst enemy with so many problems.

    I signed up today. Seems like they are getting a grip over their problems now, well kind of.

    When I clicked submit, I got the message that the credit card authorisation was rejected. Called airtel and got the rep very quickly. She said that there was a denial, but the account has been charged. So I tried to login, but could not login in the website.

    The good thing is, I tried making a call and there was no problem and the clarity was great. Hopefully the problems will be rectified and we have a worthy competitor to reliance

  23. Shanon

    Yeah Airtel has the most pathetic customer service. I had happened to use their mobile service in India and they charge you for add-on services you never asked for and when you ask for a refund you have either go to their “HEAD OFFICE” or send a fax.

  24. Ananda Kumar

    Hi All,
    I think i should now try Airtel . Reliance service is really pathetic. i stay in a hotel where some body else has registered the hotelno now in this case i m unable to make calls. i called customer care
    but it seems they cannot deregister the hotel no before 31st Jan that means no body else in hotel can use reliance card. a shitt sytem.

  25. Satish Kumar

    I just registerd to AirTel call home service without any problem. The entire registration process took about 5 mins. Made a call to India without any redialing and sound quality was similar to reliance. I think they have improved the quality of service. We will see how it goes in long run.

  26. Vishwas

    Ok lets talk about Airtel Call home’s service, Its the poorest….. I just registered yesterday on their site and after putting all my credit card details and all the stuff in their when i clicked submit… It gave me an error message sayin “Account was not registered due to some techncal problems”…
    I checked my credit card bill and saw that i have been charged $107….
    I called them back thinking that may be account would have been registered and i got charged but customer service people kept tellin me to call within next 2 hours and everytime i used to call they were telling me that they have no account registered with my name so they cannot escalate the matter….
    One day later when i got onto their nerves and asked them tht i have been charged and still have no service they finnaly gave me a complaint number. Now god knows tht wheteher that complaint was logged or not and now the CC representative told me that it will take 8-10 business days to get my money back in to my own account…..
    So all ya ppl out ther i dnt know abt the voice clearity cuz i didnt got to used it.. A big LOL……
    But i ll definitly suggest u guys not to register on their site online coz they do have alot of technical problems and the site is gonna drive u crazy….
    And most of all u ll get charged for nothing…. LOL….

  27. Ram

    Competition is great – Reliance has reduced rates in response and great for us desi’s. But there are other companies i have tried – Raza, confusing but improving. G3 Telecom a canadian outfit -right now 6.5 cents cheapest rate – so far the best .

  28. Vineet Gupta


    Hi Airtel is a complete Fraud.

    1) Very poor customer service
    2) Fraudulent Accounting practices

    They gave double talk time to begin with, but soon i found that for every call they were charging me twice. I have logged a complaint number 325500 with airtel. I cant believe i switched from Reliance.

    The customer service told me that they see the double charges but that is due to some missing calls from the system. FRAUD again.



  29. Mr. Shah

    Reliance is not reliable at all and this forum seem to be hacked by Reliance employees.

    Reliance usually give a busy message – “This call could not be completed” and this is 9 out of 10 times. When you work as a consultant billing at $100/hr, you just don’t have time to spend 30 mins and get savings.

    I tried quite a few times. I know my family uses it only rarely. We pay the same now with onesuite – and the number always go through.

    In Reliance if you can’t reach a number, you have to hang up, then redial the access number and then dial the number.. Ahh!!!! in Onesuire you can just press ‘#’ and start all over again.

    Onesuite has great rates in other countries too. I haven’t tried Airtel but sure Competition is always good. Reliable Calling is not a Tata Company and I’ll also give G3 Telecom a try.

    I run a Canadian Outsourcing firm and I have to make frequent calls to India for recruitment. My phone bills are high but I’m more looking for Reliable servies that puts me through in the first attempt. In North America, there is a value for time… if you have to try for 10 mins to get through to the line its not worth it..

    Reliance is a big failure in this…I’m terribly frustrated using it. I don’t know why we have to live with this nonsense.

    We need Competition that is absolutely reliable and makes the call through the first time.. be it Airtel, Reliance, G3 Telecom, Onesuite, or anything that works.. and yes dialing a second number should not make you dial the access number and spend 2 mins the second time.. Onesuite is great in this regards.

  30. Suraj Gupta

    THe airtel call home is nothing but a fraud. I have such a bad experience with them in diappearing account balance!!!
    Strictly NOT recommended..
    I had to call the credit card company to change my card at the end.

  31. Amir

    I’ve heard too that Airtel Call Home is a cheat. But I’ve had very good experience with G3 Telecom (check out their site at Long distance service is friendly and reliable. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

  32. Pranav

    Both Airtel & Reliance India offer poor customer service. People have been complaining against them over and over again. I tried G3 Telecom ( and their rates are way cheaper. Good customer service too. No complaints here.

  33. ravi

    I have used many callingcards, but I have never came across as useless calling card like that of airtel. The call gets dropped every now and then.

    Moreover, for getting my account activated, I had to call their customer service and after endless number of calls, came across a guy who said to call later as their system was down. You can easily judge the performance of their calling card if you try to visit their site which is down or tortoise slow most of the times.

    Please go for reliance, its a more than 100% better bet and a value for money.

    Airtel represents a true Mittal way to pocket people’s money.

  34. narasimhan

    I started using Airtel at the beginning of 2007 when they had a double down offer. So here is the good and bad of their service.

    Good: Rates are lower than Reliance and your money is doubled (which is very different from what reliance offered- they were halving your usage cost – which is nice but compare this. I added $10 to Airtel , it became $20 balance and then calls are billed at 4 c (no tax).

    Reliance instead takes your usage (if you are post paid) and halves it, so I used only 100 mins at 13c/min, I will get a discount of $6.5 for the month. Whereas with Airtel I get $10 advantage and that increases if you are willing to add $50 etc. (which I did eventually in Feb).

    Call quality = fantastic.

    Connection to network: about 90% reliable.

    Website usage: Sucked in Feb. have nt been there in 2 months now. They need to improve that.

    Regarding PINLESS dialing: I have been able to add one number (with reliance I could add 3 to 5 numbers).

    However, this is not a BIG issue for me because MODERN CELLPHONES can store long sequences of numbers with pauses (‘p’) and (executions: ‘#’ signs) so I can program a sequence into my phone for each family member.
    Speed dial 1 on cell phone is assigned to my girlfriend (let us say she is in Delhi and has a mobile no = 98 XXX YYY ZZ

    1 = Airtel tollfree no + pause, pause pause + 4 digit PIN # + pause pause pause + 00 91 98 XXX YYY ZZ#

    So how it works is, the “pauses” can be inserted in (Sony and motorola phones) by holding down the “7″ key till it changes to “p”.

    I insert 3-4 pauses which gives you 3-4 seconds before the tones (PIN or Delhi no) are sent to the Airtel system. The # key executes that number.

    Sometimes in system delay cases it asks me to enter the India phone no again, but I have never had problem authenticating the PIN and entering the system.

    Further you can also program this sequence to a voice dial if you have that on your cell, then you dont have to dial any digits at all. just say “Call Sweetie” or “Call Ankur” or Call Kareena” and your hitech phone will do the rest for you.

    Just dont voice program names like Shehanshah Jahangir, system might trip! :)
    Welcome to Voice dialing!

  35. Rani

    It’s hilarious that so many Reliance employees leave posts here pretending to be actual customers. Face it, your service isn’t as good and reliable as you claim. And Airtel is no better. I say go to their competition (as Shah sugests). Check out the likes of G3 Telecom ( Cheers.

  36. annyoed!!!!

    i got this e-recharge car for 60 rs. but wen i tried to put it in.. it said that the server was busy.. and i kept trying the next day too but it still wouldnt take my number.. but then all of a sudden it said that my assount was locked cuz i enter the wrong number…. now i cant reach customer care people to ask that the heck is going on nor can i load a different card in! does anyone know that stupid number that i can call to talk to the ppl???

  37. Prem

    Here is what nobody knows….There was a billing issue with airtel initially

    Please find the response and the people avoided to accept there is was a problem in their end…

    Airtel Customer Care………….

    Hi all at Airtel,

    Please spend your valuable time in reading this mail regarding the issue handled by airtel.

    Everyone this is not to criticize anyone or Airtel,Think the situation in the perspective of the customer.

    The below mail trace is the last mail i received from Airtel.I replied the dispute in the excel sent,I did not get any communication back,So i called up airtel on 20/21 Feb where i spoked to Gurpreet told to me as Floor supervisor.But no response even after 1 hour discussion.

    Then again called back and asked to transfer to Floor Supervisor and spoked to tsering and I told that i dont have the clear call details since the attachement was jpeg file.So Tsering arranged for priority email of the call details in excel format.We waited over the call and i received the email in 10 minutes and we went through each and every call detail and i explained him the disputes.The details i received from him was from 17 Jan 2007 to 26 Jan 2007.So we came to a conclusion that he will make arrangements for the refund of the amount,and he raised a ticket for it and Since we dont have full call details from Day 1 ,He raised another ticket for complete call details,
    the ticket numbers are 329658 and 329660.
    The SLA for the above is 24 hours. But still not resolved.Added to this he committed that the billing problem will be notified to all customers through your website.

    I did not receive any updates on the above, So again i called back the support and explained the details and Gurpreet attended this time he told that he is not the Floor Supervisor where initially the call was transfered to him stating he is the supervisor.I requested him to transfer to Tsering regarding this ,he checked availability and told that he is transfering the call to him but for 31 minutes the call was not attended by Tsering.Gurpreet should know that the call was not attended and he should ask me to call later atleast to contact Tsering .But i disconnected the call and called back again,

    After this again i requested to connect to Floor Supervisor and it was connected to Anshul.
    Same story he told that it will be resolved in 48 hours but nothing happened.I explained everything and the call was more than 30 minutes.Finally he told that the system is slow and he was not able to pull the records properly.

    Again i called back 0n 25th Feb spoked to Bhanu and requested her to send the email immediately like Tsering sent to me earlier,But she told 24 hours and finally told that it will be sent to me within 4 hours and she told to trust her committment,She also told that she is experiencing some issues with her system currently ,Also she spoked and confirmed from Mandhir Singh ,Manager that i’ll get call back from him within 24 hours.I did not receive it.When i called Bhanu my situation is really worse where I was in an urgency to call India and not able to .Even reliance website was under planned maintenance .

    After 4 hours i didnot receive any details and after 24 hours no response.

    So called back again today and spoked to Anshul again and gave him the ticket numbers.

    He has committed the below

    – There will be a compensation of 25 minutes added to my account within 24 hours.

    - Then my dispute amount will be refunded back in 24 hours.

    - All the call details from Day 1 will be sent to me within 24 hours.

    Crossing 5 to 6 hours i didnot receive any mails till now.Let see what happens.Please find the tickets opened for the same issue

    311477,317910,329658,329660 and one more i dont know the number.

    But , Whatever so far has happened i need some responsible Manager not Support executive or Floor Supervisor ,I need a call from your manager to express my concerns of whatever happened to a customer .I have spent my time to this issue.I need a responsible answer for the above.The manager who has commited (Mandhir Singh ) or sall.

    Im sure i’ll get a single line mail stating that

    “We at Airtel deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you ” without any actions taken.

    The manager who is going to call me can listen to all the call recordings whatever i have made till now approximately 3 hours will be the duration in total.

    Let me wait for a responsible answers.

    If im not getting a call i will be keep on mailing .

    Please call me after 6PM EST during weekdays and any time during the week end.

    Please send me ur comments ,,,

    My only request to Airtel is not refund of money to me ,

    There was a problem in the system , Why it was not notified to customers ? Is this valid question ..Please do send me ur comments…Single man can’t do anything against this sort of issues……

  38. J Roy

    Pathetic simply Pathetic!!!

    This is what i would call Airtel callhome service. Ever since they launched they seems to have one or the other problem. Even now on their new Summer Showers Offer…they have proven themselves NUTs……there site is down from last 4-5 days & they dont respond to phone calls/emails. Their customer care no is always busy. That junk of webpages which they call as website is fully broken and too slow…it never works!! Don’t go with Airtel.

    I feel Reliance India call is much better….No issues with reliance…..Had been using it for more than an year. They have also slashed thier prices. More important I heard that they are bringing some offers very soon.

  39. Roshni Chopra

    Airtel should stop providing Airtel Call Home Service because at airtel

    •Website Does’nt Work
    •Customer Care Does’nt work
    •E-mails Does’nt work
    •Registration Does’nt work
    •Recharge Does’nt work
    •TOLL Free Does’nt work

    I wonder why the hell they are Working!! So, I think even they should stop working. Let their be space for some one good service provider who understans customer nees better ie. Reliance India Call which are far far better. Reliance gives some better offers and they keep their Promise.

  40. Roshni Chopra

    [quote comment="14394"]Airtel should stop providing Airtel Call Home Service because at airtel

    Website Does’nt Work
    Customer Care Does’nt work
    E-mails Does’nt work
    Registration Does’nt work
    Recharge Does’nt work
    TOLL Free Does’nt work

    I wonder why the hell they are Working!! So, I think even they should stop working. Let their be space for some one good service provider who understans customer nees better ie. Reliance India Call which are far far better. Reliance gives some better offers and they keep their Promise.[/quote]

  41. Roshni Chopra

    Airtel should stop providing Airtel Call Home Service because at airtel

    - Website Does’nt Work
    - Customer Care Does’nt work
    - E-mails Does’nt work
    - Registration Does’nt work
    - Recharge Does’nt work
    - TOLL Free Does’nt work

    I wonder why the hell they are Working!! So, I think even they should stop working. Let their be space for some one good service provider who understans customer nees better ie. Reliance India Call which are far far better. Reliance gives some better offers and they keep their Promise.

  42. varun Munjal


    Experience with Airtel Callhome has been indeed very painful. firstly their site doesnt work if it bychance shows a glimpse of their homepage…..the other links on it doesnt work…..they are big cheaters. I belive they are FRAUD!!

    Now they announced their Summer Shower scheme to give Some extra talktime….bt it is not so….their website is down from last 3 days & I personally have been facing difficulty to make calls….they have very poor Quality & service and is totally Unsatisfactory.

    I Plan to quit Airtel and will find better option. My frns who have been using Reliance says a lot about the Voice Clarity & amazing Customer support services……SO good bye Airtel…..foreverrrrrr!!

  43. Deepak Yadav

    Again A poor Show by Airtel India call – Summer Shower Offers Flops

    Recently i came to know about Airtel Summer Shower Offers. THey mailed all their registered Customers but the truth is that to reach them REGISTER Or RECHARGE neither their website is working (down from last 5 days……nor their toll free number works……i m trying to contact them but even after dialing thir nos hundreds of time they dont respond…lines always busy………..a very poor show by airtel once again…..

    Airtel guys are Loosers…….

  44. Sonal Shah

    Airtel Call home really Sucks!!

    Even I agree that they have the worst service in the world
    their service sucks….really sucks big time… now even their latest Summers Shower offer is super flop. Since the day they announced, their website is down and not workin. website is so slow looks like the top management themselves physical load the data when you log on. Even when one tries calling their Customer care number they never respond.

    If this will be the level of service they give Soon they should pack their bags & move. Seems they r having hard times as reliance India Call has come up with many new offers and with quality Service & nominal rates.

    I feel airtel is finding difficult to cope with Reliance as it has matched their rate to Airtel, I myself see no point in going thro’ the Airtel frustration and I have stopped using Airtel and switched back to Reliance

  45. Sonal Shah

    Airtel Sucks———Reliance Rocks!!

    What kind of service Airtel is providing they ONLY know…….bcoz their website never works…..their customer care numbr doesnt work…..they dont revert to E-mails… can not get through numbers…..lines always busy…..they charge you extra…..they give no offers…..even wen you fulfill all conditions….So I Have pretty much given up on AirTel Call home & now Started using Reliance back. For the last couple of weeks been very delighted to use Reliance…….need not to bother much & good easy connectivity!!

    I for one though will never use AirTel again!

    I feel airtel is finding difficult to cope with Reliance as it has matched their rate to Airtel, I myself see no point in going thro’ the Airtel frustration and I have stopped using Airtel and switched back to Reliance

  46. Adam

    Airtel call home …. what a rip off! I wish some attorney files a class action suit for unjust enrichment in U.S federal court. Reliance is a tad expensive but worth every red cent.

  47. Airtel user

    Airtel SUCKS???? YOU ARE STUPID PEOPLE… I have used both reliance, and am using Airtel exclusively – better quality, never ever had problem with customer service, great response time to emails… Sure they could work a bit on Website, but I hardly visit their site… I’ve been a very satisfied customer and recommend this to all my friends who also are pretty happy with the service. In fact I wish other companies had the same customer service model (including Reliance) so they could really make their customers more satisfied.

  48. Manish Shah

    I am using trueroots the new calling card service from VSNL/TATA and it is really good. The rate is cheaperst 7.2 cents compared to Reliance which is at 7.9 cents and the call quality is very good. Thumps up to TATA!

  49. jenny

    better…second, there are no call drops, and the best thing is customer care is very friendly …I have not faced any problems so far and what I am interested in is talking to my Dad in real voice and not in extended / broken voice…

    Infact now they are offering diwali gifts and upto 200 minutes free talktime.

    I have subscribed to it & getting wonderful voice quality. Much much better than what the other cards give at a higher rate. No problem what-so-ever with the service.

    You can check for yourself at

    Totally recommend!

  50. jenny

    i have very nice and wonderful experience with Airtel…. A friend recommended this service to me & I did 3 reasons…first, I have been told and i confirmed across Various comments that the voice clarity is much better…second, there are no call drops, and the best thing is customer care is very friendly …I have not faced any problems so far and what I am interested in is talking to my Dad in real voice and not in extended / broken voice…

    Infact now they are offering diwali gifts and upto 200 minutes free talktime.

    I have subscribed to it & getting wonderful voice quality. Much much better than what the other cards give at a higher rate. No problem what-so-ever with the service.

    You can check for yourself at

    Totally recommend!

  51. anu

    Login into the

    Use Pramotion code:- 149700

    Logged in today and get the benifit….. get double talk value……enroll 10$ talk value get 20$ talk value……WOW what a offer…..
    very good sound quality, you will never be regret….. after enrolling it….. so go and get it….all Calling number are toll free number, you can enroll as many number as you want..

  52. Diwaker Gupta

    *@gaurav*: thanks, yes I noticed they made some changes. I regularly use Airtel and Reliance, and Airtel has only now begun to offer something like easy dial or speed dial which Reliance has offered from the beginning. Lets see how these new changes pan out.

  53. John

    This thread has now been monopolized and invaded by airtel employees…your service sucks! Accept it. No matter how much you try and defend your company, one thing will still remain the same – YOUR SERVICE SUCKS! Stop giving your customers trashy service and they might stop going to your competitors.

    Reliance India is utterly unrealiable too. Mabe it’s finally time to check out other promising competion like G3 Telecom ( etc. If Airtel and Reliance don’t clean up their act together, then I’d say hasta la vista.

  54. Sanjay Goswami

    Complaint against Airtel Prepaid Fraud Charges
    Dear Sir,

    Rs. 304.28 have been charged or say looted by Airtel from my account on 20/05/2008, and when I complained to Airtel call centre they replied that I have downloaded some games from “AIRTEL LIVE”.

    I had not used any service nor I used Airtel Live, (also I don’t have any GPRS service activated).

    Now I feel cheated and fooled as I cannot do anything and even when I know that I am true and right.

    I am not getting any proper response or reply from any of Customer Service centres.

    Now I am planning to stop using Airtel Prepaid services and switchover to some other Mobile Operator.

    Sanjay Goswami

  55. Qamaal Mustafa Sikan

    Here is a self-explanatory mail. As expected, my mobile has been now disconnected. Airtel prepaid sucks. beware of airtel.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is to bring to your attention a problem I am facing since 12th April, 2008.

    On 11th April, 2008, I activated GPRS on my mobile because I had to travel to Gujarat for a week. It was activated instantly. However, after repeated sms/calling 121, I did not get the settings for my Imate SPL mobile. Infact my mobile was blocked for calling 121 and I was advised that I should contact only through SMS which will be replied in 24 hours.

    After searching on the internet, finally I found the settings on 12th April, 2008 when I was in Ahmedabad. However, the speed was so poor/pathetic that immediately I sent an SMS to deactivate my GPRS. However, I got error “FAILURE TO DEACTIVATE SERVICE. PLEASE TRY LATER.” When I called 121, I was told that since my mobile was from Bombay, I have to call a Bombay number 9892098920 to deactivate the same.

    Instantly I called that number and the executive took my complaint. However, when I found that my money was being deducted for the next two days, I sent an email on 15th April, 2008.

    After that, I have been continuously calling helpline 121, sending emails, have personally visited your Kandivli relationship centre but my problem still continues.

    Everyday Rs.14.99 is being deducted from my mobile. I did get refund a few times but what about my time that is being wasted in calling everyday to your 121 and giving my complaint.

    I believe now each and every executive at your Mindspace office knows my voice. Till date, almost each and everyone has assured me that ‘YOUR PROBLEM WILL BE SOLVED IN 2 HRS., IN 6 HRS., IN 24 HRS’ etc. but nothing has been done. One particular gentleman Mr.Sheetal Mohite asked me to personally call him and check about the status of my complaint but after that he was not approachable. Once, I was informed that he is not available but he will call me back. Till date nobody has called back.

    A few times, some people called me from Airtel saying that they are calling from the head office and also refunded my money and said ‘YOUR PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED’.

    Also, I keep getting messages that ‘YOUR PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED’ and ‘YOUR MONEY IS BEING REFUNDED’ but these are only SMS, I didn’t get money whenever I got SMS but a few times I did get money refund but without any SMS.

    Why does it take 50 days to solve this simple problem?

    I would have simply discontinued this pathetic service but the problem is I have just printed 10,000 brochures and 1,000 visiting cards and have got the number on a lot of my websites.

    Please solve this problem at the earliest because I don’t have any other options but to keep calling 121 and keep posting to various consumer centres/public interest blogs/reviews on the internet about Airtel.

    A general search on “airtel sucks” on Google would bring a lot of them. Anyway, there are thousands of complaints already and I don’t think another addition makes any difference.

    I wish I could get Shahrukh Khan’s email to just check from him why he goes “ga-ga” in ads over this rubbish service.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mustafa K.


    Copy : Consumer forums and various blogs on the internet

  56. Manish

    I just tried Trueroots from TATA Communications and it is fantastic. The call charges are
    6.9 cents to India and the quality was excellent. TATA is trust and ethics so I am going
    to be using them as long as possible! The website is

  57. shashir

    I was using RIC for quality, price and ease of use but have recently switched to Gorilla Mobile. They don’t have prepaid but the talk time is only $0.045 per min and they charge me at month end no hidden cost plus quality is same as I got from Reliance with pinless calling. I could never get Airtel to accept my credit card so maybe i was lucky. Gorilla gave me $5 free talktime also to try it and I have no regrets. I think the rate is amazing

  58. HarassedbyAirtel

    I get 2 to 3 calls every day from AirTel to subscribe to their new call India service. Every time I tell them to take my number off their list as I have already registered for their service. Today, I asked to speak to a Manager and the rep said no manager is on duty. I told him I don’t believe this and he disconnected.

    A minute later, I get another call from Airtel and I ask for the Manager again. This time, the guy says he is the manager. I told him that I have told multiple times to stop calling me. He starts to argue that there are dozens of call centers all over India and I can get calls from anywhere. I start to tell him that once I have informed one person in your company, this harassment must stop. At this time, he starts to abuse me with slurs in Hindi.

    Airtel must pay more attention to who they are hiring and to their policies on call center management. Not only are they going against laws of USA and India, this truant unmonitored behaviour by their staff should not be tolerated.

  59. Akhilesh


    I would like to tell you that Airtel Call Home as a product is NO GOOD, and the customer service is BAD and VERY POOR.

    Airtel people have hired Quasar Media as there ORM (online reputation agency) to create good words, but they dont understand simple thing that if product is poor than ORM will not help.

    Airtel Call Home SUCKS

  60. satish palkar

    hey i have great news for all you guys out there like me who moved on to the much better reliance calling cards after being screwed by airtel.have been using reliance for one year now and i get good voice quality,fast connections,and virtually zero call drops.i learnt that they slashed their effective calling rates this Diwali to about 5.9 cents/min and are also giving away 120 mins free talktime to all their customers.gonna be a great diwali,this one!

  61. Prem

    Hey, what you are talking about is too old. Check the date, this posting was in 2006. In todays date Airtel has the best calling card with call rates dropping by one cent. Which is cheaper than other calling cards.

  62. Raj

    Airtel is providing cheap call rates to India when you call from a Local Access Number. But the calls never get connected when calling from a Local Access Number. You always get a message ” The number you are trying to reach is currently unreachable” . Then immediately if you call from a Toll Free Number, where airtel charges you 6 times more than local access number, the call gets routed succesfully. This is a totally unethical business practice which airtel is using. They lure in customers with cheap rates, but the calls never get routed succesfully at a cheaper rate. So you have to call through a toll free access number, where airtel charges you 6 times more.

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