I’m here in Seattle for WORLDS/OSDI 2006. If you’re in this area and want to meet up, do send me a note. Interestingly, OSDI is running a [[|blog]] this year — so if you’ve read a paper and want to comment on it, feel free to post a comment on the blog. I’m sure all of the authors and the community in general will be keeping a watch on the blog.

Also, like SOSP, I was pleased to know that Infosys is one of the bigger sponsors here at OSDI. In particular, they sponsored a large fraction of student grants.

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  1. Sujata

    Hi Dude,

    What’s up?! How are you doing? I may be helping Raghav do some impromptu singing for fun kind of a cappella, but mostly just for fun and like random saturdays/sundays.

    If you want in it won’t conflict with SurTaal. I’d appreciate if you didn’t mention this to everyone and their mom. :-) Oh but you can tell Saurabh and Achintya…just not…well your leaders :-P


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