Academics and Web 2.0

The academic community been slow to catch up on the Web 2.0 hype. Here are some potential uses:

* RSS feeds and email subscriptions for citations. I want to know whenever someone cites my paper.
* ACM/IEEE have a rigid categorization of topics. Its time to allow readers to tag papers. Doesn’t mean the categorization is going away or anything (see [[|Tags and Categories are not the same]]) — its just easier to search using tags and it will be interesting to see how tag based folksonomies emerge. [[|CiteULike]] is headed in the right direction.
* Revamped websites for ACM, IEEE, Citeseer. All these websites are //so// old-ish now. No bright colors, no large fonts, **no AJAX, omg**. Give me some live search, give me RSS feeds for search results, give me RSS feeds for conference proceedings and journals (and get rid of the archaic “Table of Contents Service”).
* [[|GMaps]] mashups with a decent conference calendar site. I should be able to locate all systems conferences for the next year on a Google map, click on each push-pin to find out hotel information, dates etc.
* //What else?// (I’ll keep updating if I come up with any other ideas)


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