Meet the PM

Hi, my name is Manmohan Singh. I’m the Prime Minister of India. Not only that, I’m also a doctor. Now isn’t that cool?! You can find a lot more similarly interesting information about me on [[|my website]], for instance, that I [[|"have three daughters"]]. Here are some of the highlights of my website:

* As everyone knows, India has demonstrated significant technical competence — infact, superiority — in the IT industry, both in the products and services sector. Needless to say, the websites for the Indian government are of highest quality, and of those, the Prime Minister’s website, //clearly// has to be the best, wouldn’t you agree?
* Since the vast majority of the Indian population is already on the Internet over broadband connections, our website has been designed for a rich experience. The total size of the home page is around **420KB**, and includes around **90 images**.
* We adhere to the strictest web standards possible. However, running the [[|home page through the W3C validator]] will tell you that our home page is **NOT VALID**. What kind of an idiotic response is that? I mean, clearly we do have a home page. How can it not be valid? Seriously, these people call themselves the standards body of the Internet? I think they’re just being bullied by the US (like some [[|other international bodies]]).
* We also put a lot of emphasis on accessibility and usability. For uniformity and to avoid confusion, our website doesn’t render at all in text based browsers. We also use some great features such as [[|inline frames]], which might not work on some ancient browsers. Hence we also recommend our visitors to use the best-of-the-breed browsers (”Best viewed with IE 5 & above 800×600 resolution”).
* We’ve tried to make navigating the website content extremely easy. For instance, on the home page, the top header contains two menu entries while the left menu contains a whole bunch of items. From there, if you go to the Profile page (top header please), you’ll find some menu entries relocated to the top header, while the rest have been eliminated to avoid confusion. We really want you to spend some time on the profile page, so there’s no link back to “Home” on that page – the only way back is to, you guessed it, hit the back button!
* We love consistency. So you’ll see that on some pages (such as the [[|PMO page]]), we have bullets in the left menu, but no text and nothing to click on. Whats a website without some element of surprise eh?
* We believe in stimulating the minds of our intellectual readers. Therefore we have intentionally left several typos in the [[|transcripts of speeches]].
* Finally, we believe in code reuse. You can see that our [[|guestbook]] (Note however, that at this time we do not permit the viewing of the guestbook for security reasons) and our [[|write to the PM form]] look suspiciously familiar. We’re all about high productivity and the [[wp>DRY|DRY philosophy]].

I hope you enjoy our website. Don’t forget to leave a comment (or, write to the guest book). Thanks!


  1. Shashikant

    Brilliant, Diwaker.

    The NIC is one shining example of everything that is wrong with PSUs. It reinforces my belief that Govt should not be in the business of doing business.

  2. chandni

    he he…funny!

    And Indians are supposed to be the baaps of technology these days…why cant they find someone to make a proper website??

    And hey…I met Shashi Tharoor 2 weeks back on the launch of a new book…at the secratriat.

  3. diwaker

    *@jaya*: thanks :)

    *@shashikant*: I had originally planned to write about a bunch of govt. website, including the NIC, and of course, “mananiya” HRD Minister’s web page. But as I started writing about the PMO website, I realized I had enough material to make it into a post by itself :-)

    *@chandni*: I swear yaar, our Govt. website are really pathetic. I’m amazed that they’ve managed to get so little attention so far. Hey cool, how’s Tharoor in real life?

  4. diwaker

    *@shikha*: hey lil sis, welcome to my blog :-) You should start writing more often to your blog, and infact consider moving it to — Yahoo 360 achha hai, but not that good.

  5. Shikha

    as doc orders!! :-) So.. here’s my new blog-space… which i’ll try to update soon :-)… and u r right.. this one is better than yahoo 360.. acually a never heard abt it b4…thanks!!

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