The Satyanarayan Katha

**Disclaimer**: I’m not a very religious person, and this post has nothing to do with religion, lest someone gets offended or finds my attitude too cavalier.

In my last two trips to India, I had the opportunity to closely witness a popular fast/ritual in India, the [[|Satyanarayan Katha]]. Of the many such //wrats// that I’ve experienced, I really like Satyanarayan Katha (henceforth referred to as SK) the best, for two reasons.

{{×240|Didi and I sit for the katha}}

First, I think this prayer really focuses on whats important, and doesn’t care too much about the mundane/worldly stuff. For instance, the scriptures say that SK can be done whenver you want, wherever you want, with whatever resources you have. The requirements are bare minimum, and the emphasis is on the spirit behind the effort.

Secondly, (and this appeals to the geek in me), SK is slightly recursive in nature in the sense that when SK is actually read out (//katha// means story), it contains references to itself in the story. The recursion is not deep though — it only goes one level, but I still find it intruiging. I personally feel that it actually reflects a lot of depth and understanding on part of the people who originally wrote it down. A recursive description means that SK is never explicitly laid out for you. The stories within SK //are// the gist of SK. I find that very dignified in a wrat (//wrat// means a fast).


  1. Avnish Bhardwaz

    Satyanarayan Katha is an excellent social tool for making resolutions and celebrating success with family, friends and society in general. What an excellent social managemnt tool…I hope society get indepth understanding and follow it correctly.

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