Weirdest theft ever

As I got into my car last night the first time after I got back from India, I felt something was amiss. Scared, I looked around — the car seemed alright, the locks were in place, the stereo was there, the A/C was there. But as I looked around more, I found small little things missing here and there. I’m now almost convinced that there was a theft, but what is disturbing is the stuff that was stolen. Here’s my list so far:

* CD visor //with// all my recorded CDs **arghh!!**
* Car freshener (A/C clip on. The refills are there, though)
* Sun screen shield
* A pair of //old, broken// shoes from the trunk
* A brand new tent (again, from the trunk) :-(
* Motorola car phone charger

Thankfully, none of the really critical stuff (documents, music system) were tampered with. I’m having a really hard time figuring out what could have happened. It seems that one seat belt on the rear seat was messed with. My roomie tells me no one took the keys behind my back. When I came, the car was locked and all the windows were closed. What kind of thief would pick out all this weird stuff? Maybe he just ran out of time, who knows.

Anyways, I’m a bit disappointed by the loss of my new tent and the CDs (the shoes, less so). I just hope the thief doesn’t come back for more. In the mean time I’m going to strip down my car of any expensive stuff and start thinking about beefing up the security somehow.

**Update**: I think I see the pattern now. Basically all of the “loose” stuff (that is, stuff that the thief could just grab and run without having to yank/unscrew anything) was stolen. Of that stuff, things he/she didn’t find use for (like documents), were left behind. Given the shoes that were stolen, my guess is that its a he. Rot in hell you sucker!

Spoilt a perfectly good saturday!


  1. disha

    awwwww that toatlly sucks :(…but intersting that the thief took time to open the boot and look in there..conisdering the grab and run routine :-?

  2. diwaker

    *@chandni*: I knowww :-( And I did treat myself, I bought an iPod :-)

    *@disha*: yeah, pretty weird. Infact, there was other stuff in the boot that he left behind — another pair of shoes, a tennis racket, a wind cheater etc. Of course, now I’ve removed pretty much everything from the car.

  3. Manish Amde

    I also had a weird experience last year. Someone broke into Rahul’s car and did not take anything but his bat and mine. It sucked so much – I had spent 2 months knocking the bat and it was just getting ready for match play. Also I cost a good Rs. 6000 and I am without a bat ever since :-(.

    Sorry to hear abt the incident.

  4. diwaker

    *@manish*: kya keh raha hai mams!! Such a shame. Well, whats even worse is that we’re finding out these things over my blog, sheesh! We need to start hanging out some more dood :-D Khair, kya kar sakte hain…

  5. Kiran

    sad to hear of this, divx…weird, too, that such non-essential items(barring the tentand the CDs;),I guess) were taken. either the guy was in a hurry or he was just looking for things to use himself – ( CDs,though? maybe he liked your collection:D ) – although, did you check if other such thefts have been reported in your apt complex? maybe they might’ve or will apprehend someone – if this happens repeatedly. register a complaint, if you haven’t already done so. and due, you guys should read Infinite Crisis and its spinoffs – awesome stories. 1YL and 52 are really good,too.
    take heart, dude – this was a very low-prob event and be happy that most of the expensive stuff is still around.

  6. Manish Amde

    DivX, yeah sad that there is so much to discuss and so little time. Will try and make up for it by meeting you up north now that you have tried to escape b’day bumps in San Diego.

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