IBNLive : Decision on quota is final: Arjun

This guy is unbelievable. DOWN WITH ARJUN SINGH. Has he got no brains at all?? Can all newspapers please print this interview in bold font on the front page so that the people know what a boat load of crap our “honorable” minister is doling out? IBNLive : Decision on quota is final: Arjun

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  1. Kailash Chander

    Why, Mr.Arjun Singh, Hon’ble Minister is not trying to pass the ladies reservation bill in parliament. That is why he know that if this bill is passed their interests will be suffered. Arjun Singh ji and most of other men parliamentarians will not be able to elect for parliament because of less number of seats.
    One more thing in today’s politics – two words “secular” and “communal”. To get power they are utilizing these two words. (At one time in parliament everyone is united – that time is when they want to increase in their salaries and perks. At that time no one is secular or communal.

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