On the Times’ story

Several people have pointed out the [[http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/quickies/1488213.cms|photo-story running in Indiatimes/Economic Times]], provokingly titled “Rang De… in reality”. Through a series of images and captions they have tried to very briefly touch upon Paritrana, the progress they are making and the challenges they are facing.

But people mentioned the story to me for entirely different reasons. It so happens that [[http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/quickies/msid-1488207.cms|one of the pictures]] they’ve used was taken during our annual CSE picnic sometime in the 3rd year. Ah, the nostalgia… so let me throw in some more details.

The picnic had been organized at a resort (does anyone remember the name?) half way between Lucknow and Kanpur on the highway. The picnic had started off disappointingly because a substantial number of our batchmates had absolutely no plans of coming. I remember that morning as a couple of us were banging doors and pleading our colleagues to get out of their beds and come for the picnic. The resort had a swimming pool, pool tables, ample space for //phatta//, and above all, free food. What more did they want?

It turned out to be a pretty fun day eventually. The best part of the day was the water polo-ish sport that we invented and played for quite a while in the pool. The food was ok, the bus ride entertaining. I don’t remember if we played antakshari or not… Anyways, the amusing bit is that none of the IITK folks involved with Paritrana (atleast originally, I don’t know the status now) — Chandrashekhar or Bharat — are in that picture. Wonder where they got it from and why they put in there.

Here are the names of the people in the picture (row-wise, left to right, bottom to top). I don’t remember a lot of the names, so apologies in advance:
* Manikant, Darjan (Abhishek), Deshmukh (Ritesh), GSharma (Gaurav), Supriyo.
* Jyotsna, Me, Bunch of MTech students.
* Ninja (Nitin), Chowgi (Anurag), Madhur, AKVerma, Manish, Vibhanshu, Asim, Priyendra.


  1. Priyendra Deshwal

    What say we sue them for publishing our photographs without permission? This might be the lucky break I have been waiting for all along :)

  2. diwaker

    *@psd*: not a bad idea. I should probably check the copyright notices for my snaps, in case they picked it up from there :) Pata chala lene ke dene pad gaye!

    *@aayush*: hmm… maybe. Yeah, that name sounds familiar.

  3. Abhaga

    me me me.. me too ! Diwaker, main bhi hoon us snap me.. camere ke peeche. Tum mujhe bhool gaye dost. Aur haan jagah ka naam Shivgarh Resorts hi tha. Aur hum logon ne Antakshari bhi kheli thi.

  4. diwaker

    *@abhagey*: yaar ab meri yaad-dasht kamzor hai to isme mera kya kasoor. Chalo ek mystery to resolve hui, photo ke origin ki. Doosri mystery tum solve karo ki photo ToI gang ke paas kahan se pahunchi?

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