Movie update

The looong-ish movie draught that had been going on for the past couple of months finally seems to have come to an end. I recently saw some nice movies, so here’s a quick update:

* [[|V for Vendetta]]: Classic. You might need to make the distinction between whether you though the movie was well made, and whether you agree with the movie. I, for one, think the movie was very well executed. //And//, it is thought provoking. What more do you want from a movie? Since V, I’ve found new respect for [[wp>Agent_Smith|Agent Smith]]. **4/5**
* [[|Ice Age 2: The Meltdown]]: Ice Age 1 was definitely better, but Ice Age 2 is not bad. [[|Scrat]] is undoubtedly the funniest character in the movie, though since his appearances are not tied into the story, they seem like funny short ads in the middle of the movie. The possums reminded me of the penguins from Madagascar. **3/5**
* [[|Inside Man]]: The movie is intriguing from the beginning. First, there is //Chaiyya Chaiyya// one minute into the movie that leaves you baffled. I mean, it sounds cool, but after having seen the original video, its very hard to put the song in context of this movie. Then there’s Clive Owen’s very mysterious introductory line (I love the part where he says “I //never// repeat myself”). The plot build up very nicely with a steady pace, never letting go of you and unravels into a very nice ending. Amazing movie. **4/5**

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