The need for change

I have a very short attention span, I get bored quickly. When I find my self in a completely static, unchanging environment, I get restless. However, I tend to avoid changing but //dangerous or risky// environments.

Take this blog for example (or more generally, my website — which this blog hopes to subsume Very Soon (TM).). There’s nothing particular wrong with the current theme. Or the theme before that, or the one before that. And yet, for the past 2 days I’ve had this incredible desire to try something new. Change things around a bit.

Those helpless souls (I’d be flatterred if there are any) who have nothing better to do than keep refreshing my blog on their browsers might have noticed some funny things happening last evening. I was playing around with the [[|latest version]] of the now legendary [[|K2]] theme.

I must say it was very pretty. And I had all but switched to it but for one big problem: it doesn’t play well with my [[|WP-Dokuwiki plugin]] :-( . In any case, I’m now actively tracking that theme. Since this current theme is already a heavily modified version of [[|Squible]], I’ve decided to make a few more changes to incorporate some of the good stuff from K2.

One of the attractions of moving over to K2 was that since its now in SVN, it would have been very easy to merge new changes from upstream. This is currently a nightmare with Squible — when the last update came out, it took me a good few hours of hacking to set things back to normal.

Sometimes this urge for change becomes annoying. But most of the times its fun and I enjoy it.


  1. toshro

    I see.
    So I can wait your new work.
    And I’ll use older version until you’ll make it.

    But, when I click older version “0.2″ it has started download wp-dokuwiki-0.1.tar.gz.

    I hope you make a little change of linked URL.

  2. diwaker

    *@toshro*: Umm, this comment doesn’t belong here. I believe you’re talking about the WP-Dokuwiki plugin?

    Version 3 is out. Development has moved to I’m not quite sure exactly what are you waiting for?

    Thanks for pointing out the wrong URL, it should be fixed now.

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