HOWTO: Lose your customer

If ever a course were to be offered on “How to lose your customer in 10 days”, I think the fine folks at [[|Remit2India]] would be right on top of their game. Now, we all know that with the increasing proliferation of the Indian //junta// world wide, the online money transfer market is an interesting market to be doing business in. Being one of the earlier players in this arena, you would have expected that Remit2India would have learnt the art of customer relationship management along the way. Well, you’ll be surprised.

Here are a few glimpses of my trysts with this wonderful service.

I got this gem in my inbox a few days back:

Hi kaustubh

This is Mr. X your Relationship Officer from Remit 2 India Service,
This is just to inform you that if you are planning to book any transaction in this month and need any assistance,I request you to mark me a mail so that i can assist you for the transaction.
If you are palnning to do a remittance of below 1000 USD please let me know b`coz we have some offers on that and if you are planning to for above 5000 USD we have a great deal for you to avail.
So do mark me a mail for further assistance or any queries.


Warm regards,
Mr. X,
Relationship Manager,
A Times Group Company.
A Times Of India Group Company.

Astute readers of this blog will immediately make the following observations:
* My name is **not** Kaustubh or anything remotely similar. Its not visible above, but the ”To:” or ”CC:” headers did not contain my email address either. So I was **BCC**ed an email which was **not** meant for me. Fine privacy management, if you ask me. If we won’t look after one another, who will?
* Clearly Mr. X felt it was necessary to remind us that not only was Remit2India a Times Group Company, it was //also// a Times of India Group Company. Now don’t you forget that subtle distinction, you knuckleheads!
* Mr. X is the next generation relationship officer. Notice the funky lingo: b’coz …

Anywho, so here’s my obligatory response to them:

Mr. X,

Why the hell am I receiving this email? I’m not Kaustubh, my email does not
appear on the “To” or “CC” list, and your customer service apparently thinks
it is just fine to send random customer’s BCCed emails. And this is not the
first time its happening.

I’m politely requesting you and the rest of Remit2India team: PLEASE STOP
SPAMMING YOUR CUSTOMERS. Once again, so you don’t miss my point: PLEASE STOP

No response yet.

I’m sure you’re all fairly impressed by Mr. X by now. Naturally, he’s quite a pro. He’s been at this for quite a while now. Digging into my archives, I pulled this up:

To: a HUGE list of email addresses visible to EVERYONE ELSE.

Hi ,

This is to inform you that if you are planning to send any money to India we have great exchange rates to offer you and plus we have some very exciting offer in the month of march as this month is known as “March Money Maniac” where in u can win upto 500 INR on your per transaction, so do cash on to that offer to get some extra cash for your beneficiary .So please mark me a mail if you need to do any transaction so I can assist you in a better way.and help you try and get the best deal.

Thank you,

Mr. X
Relationship Officer
Times Of Money

The message is not as interesting as the people it was sent to. Apparently Mr. X thought it necessary that all Remit2India customers must get acquainted with one another, whether they want or not. So he composed a nice email, shoved in everyone’s addresses on the ”To:” list, and determined as he was, pressed Send. Smooth move there Johnny.

Not to leave behind this excellent opportunity, several of my fellow customers at Remit2India took it upon themselves to apprise others of the situation. It seems like a lot of people had not so good experiences with previous such offers from Mr. X, and diligently they found themselves **REPLYING TO ALL** with all the nuts and bolts and gory details. Ah, the camarederie.

After about 10 mails on this thread had piled into my inbox, I couldn’t take it anymore. I sent out the obligatory “Reply to all” message myself:

Mr. X: it was **extremely** inappropriate on your part to send out such an
unsolicited mass email, specially with everyone’s email address public
(resulting in the flurry of “reply to all” emails that we have seen on this
you could easily quality as spam). It is unprofessional, unethical and the
sure shot way to lose your customers (as is evident from the responses so

Dear All: I understand your concern and desire to inform everyone of the poor
service Remit2India provides, but please, lets not perpetuate a mistake here.
This is my first and last “reply all” email on this thread. Kindly remove me
from further discussions on this thread.


To their credit, my friends on the thread were listening, and they never got back to me again. To their discredit, however, the Remit2India folks just chose to ignore my complaints (yet again).

But the saga does not end here. Tired of the HTML-only emails that Remit2India so loves sending people, I sent them the following note:

Dear Remit2India,

Please maintain atleast the minimum required standards for advertising

o option to receive text only mails rather than HTML
o put recipient’s email address in the TO: field, rather than BCCing
mails or leaving the TO: field empty

As your mail stand right now, most of the spam scanners *will classify*
them as junk. Mine already does.

Hope you’ll pay attention.

best regards,

I got the following boiler plate response:

Dear Diwaker

Thank you for writing to us.

This is to inform you that we are currently working on it and we have forwarded your request to our technical team.

We assure you that same will be resolved at the earliest.

Do feel free to contact our 24-hour live chat help at for a prompt solution to your query.

Assuring you of our best services always.

Thanks and regards,
Remit2India Team

Well, atleast they got my name right. But nothing else happens, I keep getting HTML emails. The support team still has my ticket open, so I remind them again, and again, and again. Each time, I get back the **same** boiler plate response. Frustrated, I wrote to them again:

I’m amazed at the audacity of your customer support team.

Here’s the response you gave to my ‘original’ complaint:

[snip boiler place response]

After which I wrote again saying that *nothing* had changed. Here’s the
response you gave to this second mail:
Dear Diwaker

Thank you for writing to us.

This is to inform you that we are currently working on it and we have
forwarded your request to our technical team.

We assure you that same will be resolved at the earliest.

Do feel free to contact our 24-hour live chat help at for
a prompt solution to your query.

Assuring you of our best services always.

Thanks and regards,

Remit2India Team

As you can see, not much has changed in the response either. Please understand
that you’re customers are *NOT* kids, and you should not try to patronize
them by sending such obviously useless and uninformative responses. It would
have been much better had you identified the cause of the problem or the
source of the delay. From a technical/managerial standpoint, fixing this
problem is trivial, and I can see no conceivable reason why Remit2India is
not serious about such issues.

Good luck with building your customer base with such excellent customer


It really amazes me how these companies manage to ignore any customer feedback. Given the fact the service is largely targeting tech-savvy audience who spend some time online and are comfortable doing their finances online, I think its just dumb to ignore and not address these relatively small issues.

Good luck to Remit2India!


  1. diwaker

    *@nikola*: Hey! Good to see you around here :-) Glad you liked the post. It did happen you know.

    *@psd*: Yaar ek to yeh log email ka jawab hi nahin dete hain. Maine socha tha meri tadakti bhadakti mail ko dekh kar kuchh to reaction hoga, but the customer services of these people seems to be abysmal. Though, to their credit, I must say that the one transfer I’ve done through Remit2India went through without too much hassle.

  2. Sanjib Saha

    Dear All,
    I searched Google for remit2india service and performance. What I have seen and if they are true is horrible. I am not going to use this service, well never.

  3. baivab

    Here is to to add to this — recently I did transfer funds thru this service. To my dismay, I realized that they have quite a few charges associated with the transfer which is quite simply written down but hidden within the terms and conditions. It also seems that instead of going the Internet way, it’s preferable to call them up and do the txn. That way, certain service charges are not taken…. to all doing txn. thru this service be very careful of the charges involved. Personally, I think ICICI Money2India is better by 100 times.

  4. Diwaker Gupta

    *@baivab*: Thanks for that feedback. Yeah, I’m increasingly vary of Remit2India. What really pisses me is that they still go on spamming me! I’ll make sure I call them up for (if it ever happens) any future transactions. I guess I should also give Money2India a try.

  5. punit

    You guys are right, Remit 2 India has the worst service by far. I actually made the mistake of transferring money through them. Firstly the rate was terrible and Secondly its been over a month and my money has still not been received by my recepient. The entire staff is incompetent and they still cant figure it out. Can anyone inform me, how can I get my money back?

    These people are not only bad providers, they are theives. I am thinking of hiring a lawyer to sue them for malpractise as my huge USD is still with them.

    Thanks for putting up your experiences but I am sorry to say that mine has by far been the most stressful.

  6. Diwaker Gupta

    *@punit*: Sorry to hear about your experience. I would say try once again with a bunch of phone calls and emails before you resort to a lawyer. Keep in mind that a legal approach will probably be much more time and money consuming for you than for Remit2India. Try sending your grievances to the newspapers — if you manage to get in the public eye, I think the service will be much better. But seriously, this is really pathetic.

  7. Pankaj Bid

    Not sure about Money2India from ICICI. During the registration process and after that when I went to actually transfer money, their web pages kept crashing. I’m doing this from my company so the network is excellent. Its extremely dangerous given that current web situation, to transfer anything.. i, mean, you think its transferred, but the transaction went through only partly. Never know what a mess it would land you up in.

  8. Neeraj

    Dear friends,
    I am an other victim of I have vitnessed the same cheating practices of this company. I have transferred $ 1001 and $2000 in the past one month and both times they applied a lower rate than that of ICICI bank, which they publish on their website. They adjusted the difference for my first remittance and I have already contacted them for the second one. Needless to say that I am done with these cheaters. Just a wise advice– Beware of thes bloodsuckers!

    Neeraj Gupta

  9. Vinay

    Well, I am glad I thought to check if Remit2India’s customer service has improved or not. I was just about to make one transfer and now will have to find a better option. I do have an interesting story of one transaction that I did using remit2india. It was few years back. My parents live near Delhi and remit2india sent the draft to someone in Bombay. The person was kind enough to inform my father and post it to the correct address. For a long time remit2india kept the status as ‘in delivery’ for that transaction and I kept checking with them as to figure out if they had any status. They could not find out anything and after a while I let it go as my father got the draft because of a stranger’s honesty/kindness and I figured out that it was hopeless to call customer service and get any useful information.

  10. daya

    We received a little amount from US.thanks to Remit to India team who is not intrested
    to solve this issue for last two years…Its really pitty, that they can not take care of
    their whole family is settled in US and Canada…and i have strongly advised
    them not to use REMIT TI INDIA channel any more for any sort of transaction.
    worst service!!!!

  11. maitri

    Yes you should talk to them, as per my experience is concerned remit2india is offering good customer support, (surprised in your case!!) they will give ur money back i am sure..

  12. Raja Balakrishnan

    I had a very bad experience with Remit2India. They have the worst customer service I have ever come across so far. They do not have a way to stop the transaction once you sumbit the order. There is no way you can reach the right person to talk with – all customer service representative talk like people who have not even passed 10th grade. They asked me to send the cancel request to their email address (funny – they wont talk to the customer), there was no resposnse about it and the money eventually got debited from my account.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to file a grievance against this company? something like SEBI or TRAI to regulate this kind of companies?


  13. DSS

    I am an NRI in US. Many years back, I made the mistake of registering for their service but then realized that their exchange rate is really bad as compared to ICICI’s Money2India. I decided to abort the process. Unfortunately, they now had my email address and have since continued to bombard me with emails and phone calls. Despite repeated requests on phone as well as emails, no response!

    Today, I was flabbergasted to receive a call on my cellphone! In US, I pay for incoming calls. Now I am worried that I am going to be swamped with these stupid calls. I just can’t understand how this stupid company expects me to ever even use their service when they’ve so annoyed me with their spamming. Some stupid jerks seem to be running this organization

  14. Ramachandran

    I signed up for remit2india since they said they have a scheme where they will transfer money if the conversion rate is higher than a specified one. I don’t have a home phone, so they call my cellphone almost every week to “help me get some offers” on money transfers. Worse, they call me during my work time in the afternoons. I never made any transfers through them because they (still) annoy me with their phone calls.

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