Lame post

I hadn’t written anything here for a couple of days. And I’ve been reading some really good stuff (magazines and articles mostly, no books yet) the last few days. So I was both motivated and inspired to write up something nice for my next post. And all I could come up with was [[|this lame post]]. No wonder “movies” is one of the top keyword searches for my blog. Its sad :-(

I wonder how others write. I look at all the great posts on //so many// blogs, it seems as if everyone is just bubbling with ideas, //and// endowed with great literary skills to put forth their thoughts in a lucid manner. And whatever crap I turn out, it takes me atleast 15 min to write up a single post. It was atleast some consolation that [[|Guy Kawasaki]] takes **two to three hours** for [[|writing his posts]].

Its not that there’s nothing to write about. I could write about our frustrating experience trying to setup Himanshu’s laptop with an external display and compare it with my own very succesful experience with both extended desktop and dual-head setups; I could write about my experiences with Turbogears and recent toying around with Vim7; I could write about the fantastic work that the new-born Udai chapter at Waterloo is doing, with Adi at its helm and so on.

I think the problem is that I always have this “hurried” attitude towards writing anything. Its as if I’m writing something simply for the sake of it. Friends who share my geeky side would probably remark that I do it only to maintain my presence in search engine indexes (since the frequency of content update seems to be a big factor in almost all algorithms). The other problem is the style of writing — good writers have highly individualistic styles of writing. I think my writing is very “generic” :-) But thats something that will only improve with time, and with even more writing.

Whats the point of this post? Well, at the very least its more “real” than the last one. More importantly though, its a note to self — yet another reminder to think about what purpose this blog really serves. And on that note, I leave you with [[|a great interview of Guy Kawasaki]].

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