The Power of Procrastrination

I just got back from the [[|Power of Procrastrination]] talk by [[|Jorge Cham]] of [[|PHD Comics]]. The talk was superb! Jorge managed to keep a packed audience entertained for a full hour with jokes on almost every slide and some “real” messages thrown in for good measure.

Apart from all the obviously //should-not-be-taken-seriously// material, Jorge’s main point was that if you’re feeling stressed out, anxious, depressed, lonely at some point in your graduate career, don’t take it to heart. Its not unusual, and you’re one of thousands of graduate students who go through the same thing. So **just relax**, and when the time is right, you will graduate :-)

I haven’t been reading PhD comics for a while now — I figured I’ll just buy the third book when it comes out (I already have the first two). If you’re a graduate student and you haven’t heard of PhD comics yet, its time to take some action! Go [[|read it now]]! You’ll love it, its just fabulous. Though to really appreciate the strip fully you need to have experience grad school yourself, it might still be enjoyable for a wider audience, so give it a shot.

Oh, and his slides were //superb// — god job Jorge!

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