Things are changing!

As you can see, things are changing around here. More changes will be rolling out in the next few days. Some things might be broken for a while, but hopefully not for long. I’m just trying to “consolidate” the website, and give it a new look :)


  1. Jaya

    Well.. why just one post on the front page? Its kind of inconvenient. I come here so that I can read all of them at one go and post comments whenever I like. :(

  2. diwaker

    @jaya: a couple of reasons actually:

    * the page loads faster
    * I think the majority of people come on blogs via RSS feeds anyways (and this number will only increase in the future). So they’re more likely to end up on an individual post than the home page, in which case it doesn’t make much difference.
    * There _is_ a list of post titles at the bottom of the page — I know thats not the same as the entire post, but you can still jump through several posts
    * finally, nothing is set in stone. I basically got bored and wanted to try out something new :) Adding more posts to the front page is not hard at all ;)

  3. Jaya

    Well – whatever! I feel so totally lost on this layout. May be it’s just a habit or may be I should just wait till you finish your reorganization. Meanwhile, the sunflower at the bottom of the template is overlapping with the first word of last line in many of the pages. Think you could do something about that.

  4. Jaya

    And yeah – at least one disadvantage of only one post in front is in terms of the new readers who come to your blog. One post if often not representative of what is there in the blog. And the attention span of net-surfers is really short, as some of the marketing classes have told me :D and as one would know from the personal experience.

  5. diwaker

    @jaya: gawd are you fussy! :-P

    I’ve fixed the sunflower problem — let me know if it looks ok now.

    As for the attention span, studies have actually shown that users make the decision whether to linger or not in as little as _50 ms_!! Now, given that it takes longer than to read even a single post, I’m not too worried :)

    As for this new organization, I’m hoping that it will become increasingly more popular :-) And I’m almost done with it actually.

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