A story about Jeff

**DISCLAIMER**: I don’t //know// Jeff or James. I don’t work for Textdrive. I //do// know Jason though. Whatever I say is mere speculation. I don’t mean to reflect upon anyone’s character or personality. I’m just guessing.

For those who are interested, [[http://www.kickflop.net/blog/?p=107|Jeff Blaine says he has been gang raped by the Textdrive forum piranha]]. James does an [[http://www.shtuff.us/weblog/124/a-story-about-jeff|excellent analysis]] of the story.

I don’t have strong reactions either way. I can very well understand that once Jeff felt/thought he was being intimidated on the forums, its natural to expect him to keep on ranting about Textdrive on his blog, and keep defending his position. It also seems that Jeff is interpreting the “overwhelming” responses he has received and the lack of posts in favor of TxD as reflecting the //public opinion// or even an indicator of right or wrong in this case. I just want to make a few comments:

* AFAIK, Jason //never// called out or explicitly named anyone asshole or dick. Now people are free to read between the lines and interpret things how they want. But the fact remains. Jeff [[http://www.kickflop.net/blog/?p=107|claims]] that Jason explicitly called him out, and I beg to differ. If you have a forum post showing Jason making that statement, please let me know.
* From all accounts, it seems to me that TxD is acutely aware of the situation: customer support, more visible official status reports and management information — all of that is being worked on right this minute. Considering that TxD is barely two years old (slightly less, I believe) right now, I think that they are (and have been) responding well to customer demands. I think people forget that TxD had a huge datacenter migration only a few months back, and that TxD hosts the likes of Rails and WordPress and Turbogears. Thats a lot of smart people doing a lot of smart things, and they all seem to be happy with TxD. Not being so knowledgeable enough myself, I would go with the collective wisdom here, and //give them a chance//. Changes don’t happen overnight.
* There are others on the forum who are critical of Textdrive, but [[http://forum.textdrive.com/viewtopic.php?pid=65691#p65691|express themselves]] in a more constructive manner. Let us all take a deep breath, smile and think before we write. It helps me a lot.

FWIW, I’m on davie, my uptime since I joined TxD has constantly been > 99%, and the rare occassions where I’ve had to file a ticket, they were resolved promptly. Go davie, little brother!

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