My thanksgiving

**Wednesday, November 23**
Mostly unremarkable, except that I came back from school a little early. Spent sometime on the crypto assignment, and then realized that it wasn’t due until next week :-) Made big plans of working all through the weekend (yeah right!). Sat through homeland security (and earned a gold star from Geoff :D)

**Thursday, November 24**
//Totally// lazed out. Did my laundry. Some other small little chores. Tried to get some work done. Went for Zathura (nice movie!). Ate out (again!). Made shopping plans for black friday.

**Friday, November 25**
Got up early and went shopping with Diba, Nitin and Nikhil. It was a lot of fun — we went to Walmart first and spent quite some time there. Everybody bought a couple of things (though we didn’t really buy a whole lot of “thanksgiving sale” stuff. I guess it was just an excuse to go shopping :-) My car was almost full after our Walmart spree, and then we went to Fry’s. Diba did most of the shopping there, the rest of us mostly just walked around and checked things out.

Fitting in all the stuff in the car was a challenge in itself. And then we spent like //ages// figuring out what to do with Diba’s bike. She wanted the bike so much that day, I wish I had a truck or something. But well. Walmart refused to ship it, Fedex refused to ship it, and eventually we ended up returning it. Go figure.

Anyhow, after all that we were all tired, and famished. So we headed straight upto Coconut Grove for a nice, light meal (they should start increasing some variety in their buffet though, its becoming boring now). By the time I got back home, it was almost 3:30. I slept through the afternoon and then went to school in the evening to get some work done.

**Saturday, November 26**
Nothing special that day. Was mostly in school — finally was able to set up a test environment for my experiments. Can’t remember what I did rest of the evening.

**Sunday, November 27**
This was easily the best day of my thanksgiving. Some junta was planning a bike trip, and //josh mein aakar// I agreed to join. It turns out we ended up biking all the way upto Encinitas (thats around **15 miles** north of San Diego). And biked all the way back! It was awesome! I can’t believe I actually biked so much that day. We had a nice breakfast there — nice because everyone was in a good mood, the food was not all that nice.

The trip back was much harder than the onward journey — specially the climb up on Torrey Pines. But we all made it safe and sound, and that too all under 4 hours. Pretty cool I thought B-) :-)

So that was thanksgiving for me this year. Can’t wait for my India trip now!

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