Interesting Analytics

Some randomly interesting stuff from my Analytics data:

* I have almost //no// visitors from Canada, Africa, //most// of Asia (parts of Russia, China etc) and the middle east. That pretty much covers the globe, doesn’t it :-( Most of the visitors seem to be from the US and Europe, the rest are sprinkled across India and Australia. I clearly need to reach out to a lot more people.
* 43% visitors are //returning// while the rest 57% are //unique//. I’m not sure how to interpret that really. I’ll say its good :-)
* Around 30% visitors come through Technorati (I love you guys!), 12% through Google, and almost 9% visits are from my lab machine (this sucks so much)
* Most visitors seem to stay on my website for **less than 10 seconds** :-( Come on you guys!
* And a vast majority explore fewer than 2 pages when do land on floatingsun. Sheesh.
* Firefox and Konqueror seem to be the top browsers in use by my readers. Woohoo! (Go grab [[|Firefox 1.5]] while you’re at it!) However, Windows still leads the OS race.

The nice (bad) thing about Analytics is that the interface is so complicated and redundant (several reports appear under multiple cateogories and sub headings) that you can waste a lot of time and yet not get a whole lot of useful data out :-)


  1. ian holsman

    I stayed for 20 seconds and am about to click to 3 pages, so you can get your stats up.

    unfortunalty I don’t live in china or russia so I can’t help with that.

    you should look @ for RSS.. but the ‘free’ version doesn’t do IP-traffic analysis.

  2. diwaker

    @nandz, @gulli: yeah, unfortunately Analytics (and similar tools like Mint) that rely on javascript can’t track those kind of things. Which is why I wanted MeasureMap. Of course, a log analysis tool will give me all that (can’t wait for Anemone to be done!)

    @ian: Yeah, I already have the free feedburner account (if you notice, my feeds go through feedburner). But I don’t want to shell out money :( Feedburner tells me that around 30 people read the feeds everyday — I doubt that tilts the numbers very much.

  3. Anton Tagunov

    Diwaker, first of all: I’m from Russia, via UK proxy (employer), from

    Main reason to post comment: sort of sad to hear you referring to Russia as Asia. I wouldn’t say it is there, especially the European part of the country, including Moscow and many other significant cities.

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