Am I a coward?

This post is actually sparked by the tragic murder of Manjunath: the IoC officer [[|who was murdered]] near Lucknow, for his honesty and integrity, for [[|doing his duty]].

Atleast thats how I feel at times (a coward). I keep telling myself that I’m just averse to high risk situations, but thats just a nice way of putting it. Reading about Manjunath, I feel sad, and angry. Yet, I ask myself — what would I have done had I been in his place?

Its a shame that as humans, after thousands of years of civilization, we still have so much barbarism in our society. Its a shame, that as the largest democracy of the world, we are still struggling to deliver justice in such blindingly unambiguous cases of injustice.

And at the same time, in the middle of all this, I feel a little sad and guilty, that so much emphasis is being put on Manju being an IIM-Man (read the [[|economic times]] title). Yes, what happened to Manju or [[|Satyendra Dubey]] was wrong. Yes, we must fight for their justice, make people aware, fight this corrupt system. Yes, the nation lost an IIM man and an IIT man. But what about the countless others, who die because of their honesty, but were not fortunate enough to make IIT or IIM? Why does the India media keep missing the point? Why does it matter if they were IIT or IIM? Would their deaths be any less important if they weren’t?

Two years back, the SK Dubey case shook the soul of the country (or did it?) — it was given wide spread media attention and the PMO office itself was involved and in large part, the massive awareness campaign happened with the help of the incredibly large network of IITians all around the world. But in Manju’s case, the media didn’t notice first. And the IIM graduates were not alone in spreading the word. A sporadic, yet loosely connected //collective// wrote about it on their blogs, talked about it — so much so that the Indian Express [[|actually cited]] one of the blogs as being “letters” sent to the newspaper.

I hope I learn to find more courage in me, so that lives of the Dubey’s and Manjunath’s would not have been in vain.

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