Y! MSN Messenger?

Whoa! [[http://www.betanews.com/article/Microsoft_Yahoo_to_Link_IM_Networks/1129075667|This is]] interesting news (via :slashdot:):

> Microsoft and Yahoo are set to announce on Wednesday a blockbuster interoperability deal that will reshape the landscape of the fragmented instant messaging market. The companies will connect their IM networks so users on each can communicate with one another using text and voice chat free of charge.

I wonder how will AOL take this. As for me, I don’t particularly care. So long as [[http://kopete.kde.org|Kopete]] can handle everything, I’m not concerned.

However, as I have [[http://floatingsun.net/blog/2005/07/28/76/|mentioned before]] as well, my preferred network is Jabber. So far I have only been able to convert 3 people — Asim, Ragesh and Jaya — to Jabber, which is quite depressing given the number of people using Y! or MSN on my buddy list. Come on people! Help me out here. Go [[http://jabber.org|Jabber]].


  1. Gauraw

    The number would have been 4.. only if it worked with gaim over here!
    Shall try once more when I get net for my PC (waiting for airtel broadband connection).

  2. diwaker

    Gauraw: Umm, so when you say “over here”, where exactly do you mean? From your home? From your office? AFAIK, both gaim and kopete should run Jabber fine, even behind a proxy/firewall. If you can provide some more details, maybe I can help out.

  3. Gauraw

    I meant – from my office. I am using gaim.1.1.0 on RedHat 7.3. Yeah, I know that it is pretty old version of Linux. But these people don’t want to upgrade for god knows why!
    I had created an account on jabber (screenname – gauraw, server – jabber.org). But when I try to login, it keeps trying for a long time and then gives up saying ‘could not connect to the host’. But ‘register with server’ checkbox is nowhere to be seen. So, I assume that I AM registered.
    There is no proxy/firewall here. Help me! :-).
    If this information is not enough, let me know. I shall catch up on YM sometime to get this fixed.

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