I’m playing with with [[http://www.konqueror.org/|Konqueror]] as my default browser these days. Its not bad actually.

Actually lately [[http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/|Firefox]] has been a reall memory hog eating up a lot of my RAM. And every now and then I //do// need to fire up Konqueror so I thought why not give it a shot. Besides, I hadn’t really been using Firefox’s themes and extensions so there was not much I was going to miss out.

The advantages of Konqueror’s integration with the rest of the desktop might actually outweight the few things that it still lacks. It has Adblock, uses KDE widgets to render HTML buttons, excellent rendering, its //fast// and lightweight, extremely configurable.

The few cons: javascript support is still not perfect (this is mostly due to the fact that people don’t support Konqueror when they write their applications. Setting the user agent to Safari usually solves the problem — Google map being point in case); I miss the PageRank extension; there is no del.icio.us support right now (but I hear its being worked on).

Besides, having a konqueror window open has its own advantages: its a complete file browser, and combined with KDE’s IO slaves and network transparency, this just rocks. I can read man/info pages, browse the web, check out my TxD account, view powerpoint slides, PDFs, code — all in the same window.

We’ll see how long I last.

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