Forrest Tuesday

So we had another [[|Forrest Tuesday]] 2 days back. I was not able to participate, but I did read through most of the logs later on. A lot of work was done in moving the xmap over to locationmaps. And as usual discussions on views, XHTML2 (here is a [[|brief summary]]).

A few days before that, Ross, Addi and I sat down for a collaborative editing session using [[|Gobby]]. It was pretty cool actually — I’d never used a collaborative text editor before — these things are quite funky. Real time editing in different colors, real time IRC like chat. It was pretty nifty. And, we were [[|quite productive]].

In other news, [[|Codezoo]] //still// hasn’t updated its [[|Forrest page]] despite my having submitted the DOAP file several times. Please guys, I’m trying to help you out here — fix this before we lose interest! :)

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