To each his own

Russell Beattie (via Planet Apache) has a post on [[|why he might switch back to XP from OS X]]. I won’t judge the post here — lets just say that not all of the points he makes might seem valid to you. Nevertheless it spawned off a good discussion and infact some of the comments make more sense than the original post itself.

The general feel (and I agree with this) is that religion apart, all of the big 3 desktop competitors out there (M$, Apple, Linux and friends) are not too different when it comes to functionality. What works best for you is a personal choice. If you are more productive in OS X, stick to it. But if not, then make the switch. There’s no reason to stick around with Apple believing that they simply //are// the best when it comes to building a highly productive yet good looking and user friendly desktop environment.

I’ve often been tempted to buy a Mac, and I usually give up in the hope that some day I’ll get a Mac without having to pay for it. Heh heh :-) Well, I am allowed to dream, ain’t I?

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