The legend of TxD

History is being made (ok, maybe not as dramatic, but fabulous stuff is happening nonetheless) over at Textdrive. [[|This post]] by Ray puts it out best:

>This is the real internet boom, right here. This is what so many people ran after but never managed to catch. And the really funny thing is, I mean this is the truly remarkable but not so surprising reality of the situation…. Dean never planned this. Either did Jason. It’s been unfolding as they’ve moved forward. In the business world it’s called synergy. It doesn’t come around very often and most people don’t realize it when it’s happening because they’re too wrapped up in other things…. More often than not, the wrong things.

> I can’t remember who I was recently talking with about this but it dawned on me that this little enterprise is really no different than MacAfee, Jobs, Gates, Nolan Bushnell or a few other fortunate and passionate souls. Something, was built out of nothing because of a passion. It’s like children. You don’t just up and sell ‘em. Least wise, not in these parts. Life is simply too short to part with the things that make us happy. All of the history lessons say the same thing. Find something that you love to do and the rest will just fall into place. Unless I am very mistaken, I believe Dean and Jason love this.

Again, I’m //so// glad I’m with TxD, for life now :)

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