Teacher’s day

I had meant to write up this post earlier today, but time just went by. Anyhow, here I am now. Today is [[http://www.answers.com/teachers%20day|Teacher's day]] in India. The day was named so in honour of [[http://www.answers.com/Sarvepalli%20Radhakrishnan|Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan]]; the idea is to remember and honor all the different people who have taught you, who shaped your thinking, who shared their knowledge with you.

It is impossible to list all of the teachers who have touched my life in one way or another here. I have a bad memory and I have forgotten a lot of names; all that remains is a vague, but significant recollection. I don’t even have the contact information of most of my teachers and it is practically impossible to reach out to all of them today. That said, I would still like to remember a few of them here in my blog so that maybe someday they will come across this post and know that their efforts have not been in vain; that people still thank them and think about them.

From my early school years there’s Charlotte ma’am, Bharti ma’am, Guha ma’am, Rajni Arya ma’am and Hussain sir. From later years in school there’s Thomas ma’am, Durga Banerjee ma’am, Ruby Sen ma’am, Singh sir, Sunny sir, Krishnan ma’am, Swarnakar sir. From my coaching days, there’s Chandwani sir, Pandya sir and Sharma sir.

Its harder to list people from IITK because there’s so many of them — faculty in the department, some in the HSS department, a special mention of Mrs. Shubha Karnik (my french teacher).

I thank one and all. Teaching is an admirable job; I hope you will take pride in what you do. Thank you.

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