After going through all the Katrina news, I was just feeling very low and I decided to donate some money as the least thing I could do. So I went to [[|Redcross]] and of course, the payment site (operated by Yahoo! Store) was too busy. It took me around half and hour and several furious clicks on each link to finally get to the review and confirmation page.

Unfortunately, something seems to have borked out, because my credit card was charged //twice//. Now its a noble cause, so eventually I don’t feel bad about it, but seriously, after all these years of e-commerce, one would think that transactions are atomic, functions are idempotent, and services are generally reliable. That if I clicked a zillion times on the confirm page and the confirmation page never showed up, then I shouldn’t worry about being charged.

But unfortunately, we’re still a long way. I feel bad for feeling bad about this double charging business. :-(

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