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Listening to music on Linux just reached new heights today :-) (er, for me, I mean. This thing has obviously been around for some days now)

[[|]] aka [[|Audioscrobbler]] are introducing “social radio”. Integration with Audioscrobbler means the system can figure out your “taste” and make recommendations. This is much like Yahoo! [[|Launch]], except its even better! Here are some of the highlights:

* Listen to //personalized// radio stations, even on Linux.
* Rate music and organize music by “tags”
* Listen to global tags, your personal radio station or other people’s profiles
* For a small monthly fee, you can upgrade your account for some advanced features.
* The [[|player]] is open source, and free (the Linux version is written with Qt4, I believe)

The [[|FAQ]] is very well written and really does answer most of the frequently asked questions (like how to get the player working from within Firefox)

Check out [[|my page]]

This is //so// cool :-)


  1. Henning Schmiedehausen

    They are in for a number of nasty surprises, probably including a patent law suit. Their player bundles mpglib which is clearly GPL (see lame.h e.g.), so redistibuting as “BSD license” is not really a good thing to do. And it contains all the MP3 algorithms that are patented.

  2. diwaker

    IANAL, so I really don’t have anything to add — you may well be right, but I would suspect that would have researched fairly obvious bit well; I mean, they’ve been around for a while now.

    The LAME website says:

    bq. The decoding functions provided in LAME use the mpglib decoding engine which is under the GPL. They may not be used by any program not released under the GPL unless you obtain such permission from the MPG123 project (

    Maybe they took permission or something?

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