IE fix

As pointed by Adrian in [[|this comment]], I have now updated my blog to include the [[|IE7]] scripts. Hopefully now the blog looks better on IE. If someone is using IE to view this blog, please leave a comment as to how the blog renders for you.

In particular, I’m interested in knowing if the blog is filling up the entire width of the screen? Ideally, the width of the blog should be capped to 900px, but if it is filing your entire window, let me know.

I’m still debating what to do about font choices. Typically I avoid specifying particular fonts, and just stick to generic font families (like serif, sans-serif and monospace). However, the default font settings in IE are just horrible. Times New Roman for serif and I think Helvetica/Arial for sans-serif.

Also, now that I’m using the IE7 patch, I might play around with some rounded borders.


  1. Adrian Sutton

    It looks okay, though the comment form is a bit odd – the labels are on the
    right and below the actual field.
    This text box for comments is pretty unusable as well, it’s extending out past the edge of the page.
    Looks like my IE7 recommendation is not such a good one. :(

  2. diwaker

    Thanks Adrian. I’ll look into these soon. I’ll ping you back when I have something to get tested :-) As for your IE7 recommendation, I think its great! Something is better than nothing …

  3. Priyendra Deshwal

    It is my humble opinion that the fonts on your blog are a bit too large when I view it in Firefox on linux.

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