1. Samual Icky

    Its done that for some time… however I wish the mail forward thing works… I’ve set my moms up with a gmail account so that should could have email poratibility (if she ever did switch ISP’s) and for travel reasons. However if you don’t log into gmail every few weeks (in her case) the auto forward starts to fail then breaks off the service until your take some actions :(

  2. diwaker

    Hmm… it wasn’t there the last time I checked (around a month back). Anyways, its a great feature, one that I’d been wanting for a long time now. I don’t usually use forwarding.

    You could probably write a simple python script using libgmail to automatically log into her account every so often, so that forwarding keeps working.

  3. tim

    Unfortunately, the “Sender” is still set as @gmail.com address, seemingly preventing one from subscribing to mailing lists under the alternate “From” address. Have you gotten this to work?

    ezmlm seems to reply to the Sender rather than the From address in other words.

  4. diwaker


    Nope, haven’t. I guess the ugly workaround is to have a backup SMTP server which you can use when subscribing to ezmlm mailing lists.

    Infact, I’m not even sure if this will ever get fixed, because I’m not sure if its an issue to be “fixed”. They probably do want to retain the sender field so that troublesome emails can be traced back to the right originator.

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