Movie: The Rising (Mangal Pandey)

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Last week I saw Mangal Pandey — the Rising. I was disappointed.

I had gone in with high hopes, thinking it was Aamir Khan after all. He’s had such a good streak off late (esp. Lagaan). But the movie was a big put off.

There’s hardly any character development of Mangal Pandey. The story itself is quite flaky — never really coming across as inspiring or glorious. Most people around me agreed that the Legend of Bhagat Singh (starring Ajay Devgan) was a much, //much// better movie in the same genre. And //everyone// agreed that the last 30 seconds of the Rising were the best part of the movie (for the curious, the last 30 seconds are actually b/w clippings from the olden days, they add a good touch to the movie)

Some of the characters in the movie were completely irrelevant to the story (Amisha Patel, Rani Mukherjee). I understand the director was probably trying to do a broad sweep of the India society during that period (sati, caste system), but still, the movie completely missed its point.

Also, it was disappointing that Aamir Khan succumbed to commercial interests and put in the customery //item number// (which, of all things, tries to insinuate the beginnings of lesbian//ism// in India back then).

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