Last thursday I had gone to the [[|first ever baseball game]] of my life. It was the [[|A's]] vs the [[|Angels]].

Now, let me make it clear that I know //jack// about baseball. So right before the game I had Alvin and Sara give me a crash course on the basics. After that I lost myself in the food and enjoyed the game.

It has hard not to have a good time there. We had our own private suite, we had food and drinks, a fantastic view and an amazing crowd. For my first game, it turned out to be pretty interesting. The A’s were down 4-0, and eventually then **won** 5-4!! And the last run was just, … well funny! :-)

Of course, it helped that the entire thing was paid for by HP (thanks, Rich and Cristina!). We brought back some popcorn. Nelson unsuccesfully tried to squeeze out some beers, but it was valiant effort nonetheless.

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