Gloomy day

The sun didn’t come out today. It was cold. There was a chill in the air. Nothing great to lift my spirits.

It was a gloomy day. I guess its the cumulative affect of the events of the past week. Ma underwent surgery to have her uterus removed. She’s fine, but still in the hospital. But then my grandfather passed away 2 days back.

I wasn’t very close to him. But I felt bad because when I got the news, it didn’t strike me at all. I didn’t even feel very sad. And that made me feel guilty, and then sad. It was expected for a while, he was old and unwell. But after all is said and done, one more life has been lost. My father and his brothers feel the loss, and I can relate to that. But I don’t feel a sense of personal loss, and that worries me.

Sometimes staying so far away from home scares me.

God bless him.

My condolences to you, [[|Abhaga]]


  1. Sheetal

    Hey chotu , I am sorry for ur grandfather . Hope Uncle and all are fine now and will be out of this grief soon ! how is aunty now ? i didnt know abt her operation.

  2. Suman

    Losing someone from the family is always hard, I know that feeling very well after my recent experiences of losing both my parents one after the other.

    I wish all the best for your Mom, I’m sure she will be alright in time.

    On an another note I should have posted my first comment to your blog in some other circumstance or post, but I somehow didn’t. I like your blog, you got some decent stuff up here.

  3. diwaker

    Hi Suman,

    Thanks for your kind words. Sorry about your parents.

    Great job on your website! I can’t believe that you knew nothing of CSS before, and you still designed it… pretty cool

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