Mystery Spot

Last weekend I had gone to the [[|Mystery Spot]] with a good friend.

It was fun. Not because Mystery Spot is just fabulous, hardly so, but simply because I had a good time. As for Mystery Spot, I was a little unfazed. I mean, I couldn’t really see any “mystery” and the demos were also not that impressive.

Our tour guide was great though — she kept everyone entertained for almost an hour. It was fun walking around in that crooked house :-) At the end of the tour she asked how many people thought it was all just an optical illusion and I was the only one who raised my hand :-)

I would have been really impressed had they actually shown a compass going awry or something like that. But they glossed over all the best parts saying that it doesn’t happen all the time.

We went to [[|Boardwalk]] after that and it was //so much// fun! The water was cold but we still got in :-) But the parking was a total rip-off — $10!!! :-O

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