Yes, I have finally made the move. Feel kinda stupid, and lost some money too. But well, I’m new to web hosting so….

Anyways, the reasons for changing hosts will probably not amuse most of you. Its just one of those [[|idiosyncrasies]] :-) For those of you who really //are// interested, read on.

PowWeb is a good hosting provider, one of the best value for money out there. But they’re not serving a niche market. There’s a lot of competition, and [[|some of it]] is really good. In the one month that I was with PowWeb, they had atleast one major hiccup (usually [[|DDoS]] attacks) every week. In addition, there were small little problems every other day.

But these were not the major issues that bothered me. They’re cheap, so I wasn’t expected world class quality in the first place. But some things just annoy me. For instance, PowWeb is just adamant on FTP. Despite the fact that [[|FTP is insecure]], PowWeb admins just turn a blind eye to that fact. Customers have repeated demanded that atleast SFTP or SCP should be provided as an alternative, but PowWeb doesn’t budge.

To be fair, they //do// have a web interface to FTP which runs over secure HTTP (https). However, its cludgy and extremely cumbersome if you have to do any kind of bulk transfers.

PowWeb doesn’t provide shell access, rsync/unison support, secure SMTP/IMAP/POP. I’m not saying that they should. All I’m saying is that they didn’t hvae services that I was looking for.

But still, the cost of changing providers is non-trivial. I lost about $20 in the process, and I had to waste some time transferring the blog and setting everything up.

Oh shoots, I still haven’t said where I moved to! :-) Well I’m now **proudly** hosted at [[|Textdrive]]. Its awesome. The plans are slightly pricey, but I wasn’t using all that bandwidth and disk at PowWeb in the first place. On the plus side, I get shell access, rsync/unison support, secure POP/IMAP/SCP. FTP is **not** supported.

In the end, Textdrive won because it primarily caters to //geeky// people :-D Well thats not by design, it just evolved that way. //With great power, comes great responsibility//

Heh heh.

Now no matter what, I’m sticking around here for a while. Can’t spend too much time on the website any more. Can’t spend too much more money either. But I’m happy to be at Textdrive. They’re the same folks who did [[|Textism]], [[|Textpattern]], they’re always at the cutting edge (Apache 2, Ruby on Rails etc), and they support open source projects such as WordPress through their earnings!

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