Are all professions equal?

I started thinking about this when I was writing [[|about hypocrisy]] — there was other point in [[|Nakul's post]] that I hadn’t touched upon. He was talking about respect given to teachers, which got me thinking — are all professions equal (in terms of the respect they command and so on)

Of course, I should clarify that I’m just talking about personal opinions here. There’s no objective way to quantify how worthy a particular profession is. But in my mind, no matter how hard I try, there does exist a certain bias towards some professions.

Note that respecting a profession is not the same as respecting a person. For instance, I would always give equal respect to any honest hard-working person, irrespective of the profession he/she is in.

But when it comes to professions, for me social service, teaching, health care are some professions that command more respect than others (such as software developer, project manager etc)


  1. Kiran

    define equal – do you mean in terms of gain/respect/allure? Each of these params yield diff results….or don’t you agree? :-)

  2. Vivek Pandey

    I personally agree with the professions which you respect more than others.(Teaching, social service, rnhealth care etc. more than software developer etc). I think that what we can abstract out from this is thatrnwe tend to give more respect to the professions which involve helping others/selflessness than the professionsrnwhich are motivated by greed etc.rnrnAnother thing: the text box in which I am typing this text does not automatically type the text does notrnseem to have right boundary. So, I have to manually insert a newline to keep seeing what I am typing.rn

  3. diwaker

    Others have reported similar problems. I’m still trying to find this bug. Are you using IE? If so, please *stop* using it. Switch to Firefox, and then let me know if you still see the same issue.

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