I think the whole concept is silly, but what the hell (blame [[http://nakulmandan.blogspot.com/ | Nakul]]). I have seen a slighly different version on [[http://abhaga.blogspot.com/ | Abhaga's]] blog, so I’ll merge the two:

* Three names I go by
– Diwaker
– DG
– Walker
* Three screen names you //have// had
– diwakergupta (Yahoo!)
– diwakerg (AIM)
– 107813177 (ICQ)
* Three screen names I would like to have: I don’t like using names that only serve to hide my identity. Why does everyone keep trying to be someone they are not? But if its just for the coolness factor, then lets say
– [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enoch_Root | EnochRoot]]
– [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bart_Simpson | BartSimpson]]
– TheBatman :)
* Three things I don’t like about myself
– Bad at suspending disbelief (gotcha, didn’t I?!!)
– speed at which I gain weight
– shy away from high risks
* Three things I like about myself
– good with technology
– fast learner
– shy away from high risks :-D
* Three parts of your (meaning //mine// I suppose?) heritage
– respect work, don’t rely on luck
– honesty
– modesty
* Three things that scare me
– lizards
– fear of dying a lonely man
– confined spaces
* Three of my everyday essentials
– a computer
– internet
– cell phone
* Three things I badly want to do before I die
– social service
– start a company
– go to space
* Three careers I’m considering
– industrial research
– technology evangelist
– something exotic, like an expert on volcanoes or something :)
* Three places I want to go
– Egypt
– Rome
– Venice
* Two thruths and a lie (in no particular order)
– This statement is false
– I’m telling the truth
– None of the above are true

Alright enough already!!


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