Greetings from Palo Alto

I hope to keep the blog updated as regularly as I can, till the machine is up. I’m writing this entry from Priyendra’s room in Mountain View, California. Yesterday was long, tiring but it made me feel good because it was my first ever really long drive. I made two pit stops, enjoyed some amazing views on US-101 and CA-152.

The first day at HP was nice. Nothing spectacular. A few things bug me about the working environment, but thats not unusual. I’m quickly getting up to speed on the development environment and the problem definition. Hopefully within a day or two I will start doing some serious work.

There’s plenty to explore in this area, but that would have to wait till the weekend. Right now I have to sort out a whole bunch of things, move into my studio on 16th, work on the research exam—so there’s plenty to keep me busy.

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