Last 2 days I’ve been pretty active with [[ | Apache Forrest]]. Primarily with the development and enhancement of the new theme mechanism (skins or views).

Just today I have updated my website with a completely redesigned theme using the new views mechanism. I also wrote the entire CSS from scratch, using the colors from the publicly available KDE, GNOME and Ubuntu color palettes. So far the feedback has been nice, and this theme might actually make its way to the default Forrest theme for the next version!

I’m still tweaking the theme so things might break unexpectedly. If you find something, do drop me a note!

On the academic front, I have read some more papers on virtualization and its kind of disappointing that a lot of the challenges had been very clearly identified and laid out almost 3 decades back, and the worst part is that we are **still** fighting those very same issues today. I have written up some more stuff that I have to go over with Amin tomorrow.

The house hunt for Palo Alto is coming along pathetically, I just have the worst luck ever. [sigh] :-(

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