Friday the 13th

Today’s day just kind of went by. In the morning I dropped our guests off at Sea World. Then came back and headed for school. My sysnet talk went well today, though it was sad that none of the faculty showed up due to some paper deadlines and an extended student review meeting.

In the evening I picked Gaurav and Mansi back. They were tired so they tucked in for the day early. Meanwhile Panju came over to check out Ragsy’s new keyboard. After some time pass, we decided to dine at Chipotle (what a surprise!) and then catch a movie. We saw Crash tonight. I’ve seen such a powerful movie after a long long time. A lot goes on in the movie, so you’ll probably need to pay a lot of attention. But I whole heartedly highly recommend this movie to all. Its wonderful, deep, and thought provoking. The screenplay and direction is awesome.

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