Whats next?

On a reader’s suggestion, I read [[http://research.microsoft.com/~Gray/|Jim Gray’s]] report (based on his Turing award talk) called [[http://research.microsoft.com/research/pubs/view.aspx?msr_tr_id=MSR-TR-99-50|What Next? A Dozen Information-Technology Research Goals]].

It does make for a very good reading. When people say that experience makes you wiser, they’re not joking. The kind of depth and breadth you need to understand the “big picture� in any area, and then make insightful comments on the same is near-impossible without experience. Needless to add, Jim Gray does a great job (he did win the Turing award, after all!)

He does a very high level, but neat analysis of IT research and proposes 12 research goals that he thinks will drive the research in the coming decades. Of the dozen, I think that the Turing test related goals (AI complete, and human interface design) are going to be the most visibly important. Under the covers, the systems related goals (dependable, highly-available and secure systems) are vital—they will become the fabric of our society in the coming years; the infrastructure will be invisible to end-users, but only insofar as it doesn’t fail or malfunction.

Googls is already on its way to becoming the World Memex! Those who follow Google would have heard about the new video service that Google is planning to launch. Google already indexes most of the available online text and images, and I’m sure very soon they will add features like content-based image research, and audio search.

On the whole, a very good read for anyone who is interested in IT research. Thanks, anonymous!

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