My typical day

I will write up a more detailed schedule soon, but here’s what a typical day for me looks like:

* get up at around 9
* get ready and leave for school by 10
* reach and settle down in the lab by 11
* try to get some work done before other distractions like lunch hit in
* usually there is some talk to go to either pre-lunch or post-lunch. If not talk, then there’s usually a meeting. If neither, then usually there’s some amount of time spent in general discussions with lab mates
* I start getting touchy as the clock reaches 5. I start itching for home. I can’t seem to work late in the lab, perhaps because I’m not on campus. Sometimes I come back in, but thats rare
* Get back home by 6
* Go to the fitness center, waste some time reading news and stuff. This usually makes it 8
* Do some work/reading before dinner
* Dinner and post dinner time pass makes it 10 or so
* Some more work/reading between 11 and 1 interspersed with an episode of Batman/Scrubs/SATC/something!!
* After some, non-academic reading and more time wasting on the laptop
* Sleep by 3

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