iPod Shuffle sucks

Hey I’m not saying it, but I saw it myself.

Ragesh bought an iPod Shuffle, and got it two days back. Poor fellow, he was so excited in his anticipation, but it turned out to be the greated anti-climax. Beat this — he has not been able to use Shuffle with his laptop yet!

It seems that the Shuffle has not really been designed to run in a plug-n-play fashion with all laptops. And Ragesh’s is a very regular laptop — a Dell Inspiron 8600 running good old Windows XP. The problem? Nothing happens when he puts in the Shuffle, nothing at all! Hell even my laptop (running Debian) recognizes it as an iPod and automatically mounts it as a storage device. But his Windows just sits there, as if nothing had happened.

And its not just his laptop. First we thought maybe something was wrong with his USB or something. But then we tried it with my old laptop too, and same result — no recognition. And bear in mind that all this is after spending 15 minutes installing all of the iPod software and rebooting twice in the process. (for comparison, on my laptop, it worked out of the box. And it seems the latest version of gtkpod and gnupod-tools are going to support Shuffle)

Eventually, Ragesh had to go to a friend and use his Mac to the damn thing working. So now he has uploaded some songs, but he has to keep listening to those same few songs over and over again (which perfectly suits him by the way) until he goes to some Mac again; or finds a better solution. Oh, and did I mention: the first time Shuffle didn’t work, we thought it was broken and so Ragesh went to the Apple store and got it replaced, and even they didn’t have a clue!

Bottomline: iPod Shuffle sucks!


  1. Lea Ann

    I agree, I am having the same issues and I am on my second ipod shuffle. The regular ipod video (60G) works fine with my Dell 600m laptop. However, I am having a hellofa time trying to get this little shuffle to work.

  2. LoreLai

    Well, I just got the newest iPod shuffle with the lil’ clip feature and I LOVE it! I plugged it in and my iTunes library downloaded automatically. (For the record, I have a crappy Dell computer.) I dunno what you guys are doing wrong or if it’s a problem with your computers, but my Shuffle rocks! It’s perfect for people on the go.

  3. Newipod user Apple evil of the world

    i have the new one i got it as a present i would rather have an iriver but what ya gonna do lol and i have xp “pro” and the set up is shit rather than plug and play its plug go to ny comp download and run itunes convert your music upload your music unplug and fiddle abput till it gets the idea but the sound is great

  4. MA

    My shuffle stopped working completely after only 20 minutes. Totally ouot of commission. I own 2 video ipods and an older gen1 iPod that also died.

    This thing sucks.

  5. steve jobs

    1. ragesh didnt install itunes on his laptop.
    2. ragesh turn ON his ipod shuffle when connecting to the laptop. it should be off.
    3. ragesh is a poor fucko because ipod shuffle really sucks as compared to other ipod.

  6. Rebecca

    Should be off? . . . Wow, it really would have been helpful for Apple to have shared that. I’ve just spent an hour trying to load this thing. But apparently, that makes ALL the difference.

  7. nunya beezwax

    My aunt bought one of these for my mom. I assumed I could simply plug it in and upload mp3s . . . wrong. Apparently it is necessary to download more crap-ass software to my computer that I neither need nor want to put mp3s on my mom’s Shuffle. Dumb. My mp3 player costs a fraction of the iPod Shuffle, and I can upload mp3s to it just like a thumb drive, same goes for my daughter’s mp3 player – no software necessary.

    Why people are so willing to buy into a name brand is beyond me, especially when things like the iPod are so overpriced. Jobs is a genius because he knows people are so stupid.

  8. Lakshmi

    You all fukkin suck!
    Just purchased two Shuffles for my kids…their request…and the freakin toy does not install.
    ..and yes it was turned off…and yes I installed ITunes…so go suck an egg!

    taking them back and getting MP3 players… at least we know they work.

  9. Sha

    What’s with you people? I just got an ipod shuffle and it works fine. I don’t even have effing itunes, I just used winamp to transfer my music into the shuffle, so there.

  10. sikiş

    What’s with you people? I just got an ipod shuffle and it works fine. I don’t even have effing itunes, I just used winamp to transfer my music into the shuffle, so there.