Murderous Humor

I just got back from Be Cool—pretty funny, if you liked Get Shorty and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels then you’ll definitely like this.

The movie starts off with a murder. Its supposed to be funny, and it actually is a bit funny. However, it just got me wondering on the ethics of using things such as murders to create humor. I mean, in cartoons, I can imagine people getting flattened out and popping out and going to heaven or hell and all this seeming funny to us.

I mean I’m just as guilty of finding such humor funny, so essentially I’m trying to find some justification. There are some things that can be funny in real life as in movies as well—for example fat people—I’m not saying its right, but it happens. But murder? I doubt a murder in real life could ever be funny. Then why do we laugh at these murders?

Perhaps we’re not thinking about the murder at all. Perhaps we’re just treating it like a cartoon movie. But still, thinking about it gave me the creeps… I don’t want to find a murder funny, ever.

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