Prostitution: A necessary evil?

DISCLAIMER: I’m neither calling prostitution necessary, nor evil—its just a title, not my opinion

Yeah yeah, I know the title sounds like a 5th grade essay—“Science: a necessary evil?”. But I think the issue at hand is quite serious, and alteast to me, highly unclear.

It has been often said that prostitution is world’s oldest profession (a title contended by mid-wives . Though I’m no history expert, AFAIK there has yet to be a civilization that did not have prostitution in some form or the other (brief history of prostitution). To me, this begs the question that is there something fundamental or inherent in human society or nature that prostitution was, is and probably will be so prevalent?

It might not be. However, the persistance of this single profession across cultures, continents, technologies, gulfs of time seems to weird a co-incidence. Suppose there is something innate to society/civilization here. What then? This brings up the second question that bothers me.

Why are we still so uncomfortable with prostitution?

I know thats a very broad statement to make, but really, do you see anyone “promoting” prostitution as a viable career choice? The day when that happens, I think we can say that society has truly embraced prostitution. And if there is an extended hesitation or hostility towards prostitution as a profession (in the sense that people rarely end up in this business by choice—usually forced by circumstances and lack of other options), does it mean there’s something fundamentally wrong with prostitution as well? In which case, how does one reconcile society’e seemingly unsatiable need for prositutes and its half-hearted acceptance of their existance?

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